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Cleansing the liver: everything you need to know

Liver Cleansing - the way to health
important to maintain health and performance of those bodies that were given to us at birth.The liver - a complex and important part of the human body, to health problems of the liver must be treated with great care and attention.Liver - is the filter of the body, he tirelessly fights with a high content of harmful substances and toxins, which it passed with blood.There, they detained and together with bile, which is synthesized by the liver, then excreted from the human body.But alcohol, unhealthy lifestyle, a high content of harmful food, reduce the efficiency of the liver, it is no longer cope with the fact that we send into the stomach and as a result there is a big slagging organism.

This situation leads to such consequences as stomach problems, frequent constipation, problems with excess weight.These include heaviness in the stomach, pain in the knee joints, recurrent stomach pain, bitterness in the mouth, red spots at the temples, acne and cellulite.

If you feel at least a small portion of these symptoms, you should feel free to take its own and clean the liver, it is showing signs of his illness.The main thing you need to remember that the cleansing of the liver - this is a serious and dangerous process, they need to be engaged only when you have passed all inspections and consult with experts.

Why is it dangerous?And all because the procedure itself cleans the ducts of the gallbladder, which improves the flow of bile and the work of the bladder.If it will be found even if the sand or rocks, these methods of cleansing dangerous, because these same stones during the procedure may move up and block the bile ducts.

These actions complicate the system will lead to health problems, they will lead to time-sensitive transactions and consequences thereafter.Therefore, you can decide whether to resort to such purification without the advice of an experienced professional.

As home to cleanse the liver?

most important and the first thing to do is to adjust the diet, it depends on the health of the liver and the whole of your body.If you decide to take up the health, you have to light alcohol to minimize and eliminate the heavy alcohol.In addition, eliminate fried, greasy, spicy food, in other words, junk food.

Nutrition plays an important role

useful products that bring joy to the liver, it's all orange vegetables - bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes.Pumpkin is useful not only flesh, but also for its seeds, from her cook nutritious and delicious.Indispensable fruit for liver are apples, they contain large amounts of pectin.Do not forget about the usefulness of dried fruit, seaweed, sugar beet, in this case, they will become the best assistant.The diet should be present phosphorus products, a fish, and refers to proteins baked or boiled chicken, cheese.

Do not be afraid to use spices they increase the flow of bile, and greatly improve the taste of food.Remember that proper nutrition - is the way to flourishing appearance, to well-being and a healthy liver.

lemon juice and olive oil

In complex cases, it may be enough of the right food, it suggests that the liver must act comprehensively carry out cleansing using olive oil and lemon juice.Such procedures need to proceed very cautiously, at first, you must first clean the intestines, eat a minimum of heavy and fatty foods, for 40 days to eliminate the use of alcohol.

To start podogreem 300 g of olive oil and as much lemon juice.Then he lay down on the bed and put his right side under a warm heating pad, where we the liver.Immediately drink 3 tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice, a fluid intake is repeated every 15 minutes until all the leaves of olive oil.We drink the remaining juice and staying in bed with hot-water bottle at hand, but rather go to sleep.

Perhaps in the morning you feel a laxative effect and this is normal.To obtain the effect of the procedure can be done enema.This day should spare your stomach and otpaivat its infusions of nettle, sage and rose hips.This procedure was repeated about six times at intervals of ten days.

If someone, this method was not to the soul, then we can resort to another method, and spend soft and gentle option cope with it any person who just need to be patient, as there is the effect of the adoption of grass, but it appears toOver a longer time.

Cleansing the liver with the help of a decoction of herbs

take herbs such as flowers horsetail, calendula, knotweed, corn silk.Mix equal amounts, then take a tablespoon of herbs and pour two cups of boiling water, cook for two minutes and insist 40 minutes.We accept a fresh infusion of 40 minutes after eating for 3 weeks.

Liver cleansing using oats
Take 300 grams of oats and fill it with 3 liters of water, send it in the oven preheated at 150 degrees for 2 hours.Then infusion of strain, merge it into a container, taken before a meal of 150 ml per day.The course of treatment of 4 weeks.

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