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Dr. Atkins Diet

Description Atkins diet

yavlyaetsyapo This diet is truly revolutionary, and is divided into two main phases - Supports iredutsiruyuschuyu.During the reducing phase, which lasts two weeks, ucheloveka changes the metabolism, that is, the habit k new way of eating.During the maintenance phase occurs postepennoedostizhenie desired body weight, as well as its subsequent maintenance at nuzhnomurovne, while not applying burdensome dietary restrictions.If budetnablyudatsya repeated weight gain, the whole cycle of dieting neobhodimoproyti first, that is, first reducing phase and then maintain.

The basic rules of diet Atkins:

  1. The day should eat no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates.
  2. a strict ban on the use of those products are listed kotoryene allowed.
  3. necessary to use food only at nastoyaschemchuvstve hunger while the food is not limited in calories and kolichestve.Priem food must be complete when there will come a feeling of fullness.Stoitotmetit that can not clog the stomach to capacity
    .If there is hunger, but there is no time for a quiet meal, it is possible to use nebolshoekolichestvo any product that is in the Allow list.
  4. exception of a diet of vegetables, fruits, grains ihleba, with a high content of starch.Exclusion from the diet of sweets.
below lists the products which are incorporated in the diet needed to achieve horoshihrezultatov.

products that are allowed to be consumed in unlimited quantities:

  1. meat of cattle and fowl, and takzheizdeliya of it - sausages, bacon, ham and other.Important and obyazatelnoeuslovie - lack of carbohydrates in these foods.
  2. Any poultry.
  3. Any fish meat.
  4. eggs, which can be prepared completely lyubymsposobom.
  5. Almost all seafood that are low soderzhanieuglevoda.
  6. Cheese is low in carbohydrates.
  7. Any mushrooms.
  8. Vegetables and greens - radish, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, fennel, paprika, parsley, celery, tarragon, olives, garlic, radish, rosemary, oregano, pepper, ginger, basil, cayenne pepper, thyme.
  9. Dressings consisting of vegetable oils sdobavleniem lemon juice or vinegar, as well as a small amount of spices.
  10. for drinks: unsweetened herbal tea, mineral water ipitevaya and drinks that are sweetened with sugar substitutes, nesoderzhaschimi carbohydrates.
  11. any natural vegetable oil.Predpochtenieotdaetsya - olive, peanut, sunflower and soybean.It will be optimal if the crude oil will be, as well as obtained by cold pressing.
  12. animal fats, they can otnositsyaryby oil, natural butter.

products that are allowed to eat in small quantities:

  1. eggplant, zucchini, various types of cabbage, asparagus ishpinat, onions, tomatoes, artichokes, peas, bamboo shoots iavokado.
  2. Smetana used as a salad pripravy.Stoit note that you must take into account the carbohydrate content in sour cream and vklyuchitego into account in the daily rate.
  3. Sweeteners.However, it should exclude those whose name ends in "-oza", these include - the sucrose, fructose so on.
  4. Alcoholic beverages are permitted only in the second fazediety, when it is necessary to take into account the carbohydrate content.

If we analyze spisokproduktov offered by Dr. Atkins, it can be concluded that onochen extensive.If a person present some culinary skills, Tod new diet will not cause any significant inconvenience.Man mozhetsoblyudat such diet quite comfortable conditions, but in techeniedvuh weeks he will be able to prepare not only delicious but also hearty.

general requirements necessary for compliance with the diet Atkins.

throughout the period dietyneobhodimo take a multivitamin that contains minerals and mikroelementy.Kategoricheskimi contraindications to such a diet are pregnant, breast-feeding and diabetes.If you have elevated cholesterol vkrovi, such a diet will also not recommended.So before chempristupit to Dr. Atkins diet, you need to get medical advice.

worth noting that bolshinstvoprofessionalnyh nutritionists do not uniquely belong to such a diet.Many vrachiuvereny that if unlimited use fats and proteins, but it polnostyuotkazatsya carbohydrates, all of this can cause unpleasant consequences, and toi does become very dangerous for health.

However, practice shows that dietadoktora Atkins is a low-calorie, which leads to znachitelnomuumensheniyu body weight, an average of 5 to 8 kilograms vtechenie two weeks.These are the results reported in many sluchayahispolzovaniya Atkins diet.Therefore, despite the objections of the other doctors, the Atkins diet is very popular in Western countries.Some famous lichnostishou business openly say that, thanks to Dr. Atkins diet oniblestyasche look.

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