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How to help your eyes: restoring sight reasonable and timely manner

Admission spetsialnyhvitaminno-mineral complexes, though not a panacea, but vopredelёnnoy degree vosstanovitnormalnuyu work and helps maintain the health of the eye.Such therapy neobhodimadiabetikam, people with age-related degeneration of the retina and optic nerve diseases, she pokazanapri cataract and retinopathy.Not everyone knows that the owners need vitamin podderzhkeobyazatelno light eyes.It requires special vnimaniyazdorove eyes of elderly people, and those who abuse tobacco.Profilaktikaponadobitsya during prolonged work at a computer, it is useful in vremyareabilitatsii after eye operations, and will also be useful to anyone who wants to keep the sharpness of vision as long as possible.

usually in the kompleksnogovitaminno-mineral preparations for the eyes include:

  • lutein and zeaxanthin. This substance obladayuschieantioksidantnymi properties contained in the most retina.In addition, they prevent the age-related changes, and their ability to protect the eyes otvrednoy part of the light spe
    ctrum makes these carotenoids essential dlyapolnotsennoy of the system as a whole;
  • beta-carotene. precursor of vitamin A, kotoryyyavlyaetsya an important part in the structure of rhodopsin.Namely, the pigment responsible for sposobnostglaz to adapt to different lighting conditions;
  • vitamins C and E. They protect cells otrazrushayuschego action of a large number of free radicals, enhance immunity;
  • copper and zinc. Trace, prepyatstvuyuschieobrazovaniyu free radicals and act as components of metalloenzymes.

In addition, a multivitamin complex as the eye can bytobogaschёn:

  • bilberry extract , which is rich in flavonoids, trace elements, vitamins and fiber;
  • rutin , strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • vitamin B2 , which prevents vozniknoveniyukonyuktivitov, keratitis and photophobia and whose coenzyme involved in bolshinstveokislitelno-reduction reactions;
  • vitamin B6 , vitamin-antidepressant, the lack of which is manifested in the twitching of the eyes;
  • vitamin B12 , improving the state zritelnogonerva;
  • other components.

Remember chtogipervitaminoz in most cases even more dangerous for the body, chemgipovitaminoz.Therefore, do not exceed the dose and do not take multivitamin preparations odnovremennoraznye.Note nalichieprotivopokazany.Eat vitamins strictly in accordance with naznacheniemoftalmologa and appended to the medicament instructions.Bolshimkolichestvom drink their water and observe the course and receive mode.

zhesdelaet A full treatment of disorders of the correct and comprehensive approach to it.Needless limited to vitamin pills.If you want to maximize sohranitzrenie, try as soon as possible to get rid of bad habits, bolshebyvayte outdoors, balance your diet.Very useful dlyaglaz consumption of onions and garlic, carrots combined with butter or sour cream, cranberries and currants yagodchёrnoy, beet juice, parsley and spinach.In narodnoymeditsine successfully applied eyewash with infusion of cornflower, rutydushistoy, toadflax, sweet flag root, elderberry, as well as the use of infusions of eyebright, sage and wheat grass inside.Good results give regular special uprazhneniyadlya eye to help restore blood circulation and relieve tension glazodvigatelnyhmyshts.For example, aerobics eye by the method of Marilyn Roy.

And most importantly - perednachalom treatment in any case do not neglect to appeal doktoru.Uhudshenie vision, eye fatigue, watery eyes and other symptoms mogutokazatsya signs of serious illness requiring nezamedlitelnoyprofessionalnoy and complex therapy.

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