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Breast-feeding and health problems of mother

Breastfeeding colds

Naiboleechasto woman gets a virus through the upper respiratory tract.Government dyhaniyarabotayut with heavy load, because for a full milk production trebuetsyakislorod.Therefore, the risk of developing acute respiratory infections in nursing mothers is very high.From the moment of contact with the dangerous virus in organizmdo onset of symptoms it takes about three days.

Suschestvuetne so many diseases in which there is a need in the rejection of kormleniyagrudyu.The mother's milk contains antibodies bolshoekolichestvo that can be a reliable protection for the baby otzarazheniya.If at this stage the child's transfer to artificial feeding, we can, on the contrary, harmful to health and cause a disease.

prinalichii heat should not give the baby to the breast.Vseissledovaniya show that this did not have to do.Even with vysokoytemperature breast milk there is no change in vkusovyhkachestvah and composition.It is not sour, not rolled or stanovitsyagorkim.

Vrachirazreshayut breastfeed even with pneumonia, bronchitis and tonsillitis.But vetih cases should wear a bandage.Some women stsezhivayutmoloko and heated over a fire.It should not be done, because all is lost Helpful medicinal properties.

breastfeeding women not be allowed to open and dangerous formamituberkuleza, severe mental disorders, as well as in time of plague or ospe.Vo colds no absolutely no contraindications.

vsrednem colds last about 10 days.But do not expect chtovse held their own.It is very important to treat not to vozniklisereznye complications.

Naznachatmedikamentoznoe treatment of colds can be a doctor.Right podobrannyepreparaty will be compatible with breastfeeding and did not navredyatmalyshu.

Nebolshiedozy active drug substance in milk.Therefore, the child mogutvoznikat some side effects.Mom must strictly observe propisannuyudozirovku and not to increase its own.Before using tschatelnoizuchit need special instructions.You should also carefully monitor the baby.Prilyubyh even small changes in consultation with a specialist is needed.

Vremyapriema medicines should be calculated so that at the time of feeding molokesoderzhalos as little as possible active substances.For example, this can be done peredsnom.

Naiboleechasto to reduce fever prescribe an ordinary paracetamol.He schitaetsyanaibolee safe for the child and mother.Reduce the temperature need only privysokih performance or poor tolerability.Heat is estestvennoyzaschitnoy reaction of the organism in which the virus is much slower razmnozhayutsya.Ot cough and runny nose appointed simptomaticheskiesredstva.In addition to symptomatic and antipyretics, the flu can propisyvatsyaprotivovirusnye preparations based interferon.Assign them dolzhenvrach and in most cases they are completely safe for the baby.

Ochenvazhno at this time to drink a lot and regularly aired.Zhenschinavo a cold may notice decrease in milk production.Not stoitbespokoitsya, this is due to dehydration.During boleznineobhodimo as often as possible to put the baby to the breast and use mnogomorsov or herbal teas.Before using any herbs you need vnimatelnoizuchit their impact.For example, sage or mint greatly suppress lactation and ihne recommend drinking lactating mothers.

Many mothers are very much worried about medication.Therefore allowed to use, and various folk remedies, but of course only after consulting your doctor.

With a cold you can pour the mustard in socks or breathe on boiled potatoes in their skins.Throat is to rinse using infusion of thyme.Very good help for colds garlic honey inhalation, the duration of which should be about 15 minutes.At the first sign of the coming cold body very well supported at night drunk a mixture of warm milk, raw eggs, honey and butter.

Naturally, colds need to drink a lot.To do this is very well suited linden tea or raspberry.You can add a small slice of lemon and honey, after recovery stanetvyrabatyvatsya breastmilk to the same extent as before the illness.

Treatment with antibiotics while breastfeeding

Eslizhe disease is caused by a bacterial infection (tonsillitis, otitis media, or pneumonia), then be sure to naznachatsyaantibiotiki.But even when taking etihpreparatov has vozmozhnostprodolzhat feeding.

Antibiotikinuzhno be taken with great caution, because there is a large risknavredit mother and the baby.When breastfeeding is completely contraindicated tetratsiklinyi sulfonamides.These antibiotics may affect narebenka, causing a delay in the development and growth.Adversely affect the teeth, making them yellow and weak.

Makrolidyyavlyayutsya large group of antibiotics, which is considered less dangerous, and the possible use of a breastfeeding woman.But they are used with great caution itolko in cases of extreme necessity.

Naiboleebezopasnym and considered harmless cephalosporin content in molokeneznachitelnoe.The only reaction to it is a child or a small rash vozniknovenieallergii.Also the use of penicillin, allowed kotoryetakzhe breastfeeding, but the child may occur diarrhea, rash, and excessive salivation.

Neither of which self-medication is not out of the question.Antibiotics naznachayutsyaisklyuchitelno only doctor.In most cases it is possible vozniknovenievremennogo dysbiosis, but it is less dangerous than full transition naiskusstvennoe feeding.

Operation breastfeeding

Vosobo severe cases mother may require surgery.Molodayamama have to warn doctors that breastfeeding.Long vremyaschitalos that anesthesia is incompatible with breastfeeding and can be ochenopasnym.But recently it proved that most of the drugs used in anesthesia, virtually enter the milk and yavlyayutsyabezopasnymi.Therefore, immediately after the mother woke up from the anesthesia, you can resume feeding.

Dazheesli necessary to carry out complex treatments with taking strong drugs mozhnopoprobovat maintain lactation by means of pumping, and child on this vremyaotluchit from the chest.

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