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What good shall breastfeeding for mothers?

actually breastfeeding notonly benefit children, but also their mothers.

Grudnoevskarmlivanie - estestvennyyfiziologichesky this process, the next step after conception and pregnancy.

Thanks kormleniyupredotvraschayutsya postpartum hemorrhage.

Pravilnoorganizovannoe breastfeeding becomes a source isklyuchitelnopolozhitelnyh emotions that favorably affect the psyche of women.

But that's not all, as a protective and positive effektetogo process extends to the longer term and is misrepresented, that women who breastfeed their children, the higher the chances nezabolet future osteoporosis and some cancers.

But in spite of all the positive aspects grudnogovskarmlivaniya, this matter pay little attention, even those who by the nature of svoeyraboty obliged to do so.We are talking about doctors and midwives, who konsultiruyutmolodyh mothers in care of the child.

So what zhesledovalo be mandatory to report breastfeeding parents, all of which appeared completion?
  • breastfeeding and physiology o
    f the female body
frequent nursing the baby to the mother's breast in the postpartum pervyedni helps produce the hormone oxytocin, thanks kotoromustimuliruetsya the milk and cut the muscle of the uterus.Posledneevazhno to prevent poslerodovyhkrovotecheny, and promotes the prompt return of the uterus to eenormalnomu.Women whose babies immediately after birth poluchayutiskusstvennuyu food often kapayutvnutrivenno synthetic oksototsin avoid complications described above, it is not always Noi becomes an absolute guarantee that no complications.
  • breastfeeding and pregnancy

As a rule, actively breast-feeding women (when rebenokpoluchaet only breast milk during the day and at night, does not suck a pacifier) ​​while no periods (several months or even years).The state kogdane occur monthly during breast-feeding, called laktatsionnoyamenoreey.And it is in this period can not worry about the occurrence of the following prezhdevremennoyberemennosti.Moreover, the absence of menstruation helps to preserve the mother's body zhelezav.After all, the amount of iron that is lost to them in vremyalaktatsii far less than in blood loss during the critical dney.Poetomu nursing mothers much less ascertain the existence zhelezodefitsitnoyanemii.

With regard to contraceptive efficacy etogoperioda, according to studies, 98-99% of its reliability, which means compliance with the above conditions chtopri pregnancy in the first polgodaposle childbirth unlikely.

What polzuokazyvaet breastfeeding women in the future
Numerous studies show also that chtosostoyanie maternal health in the future depends on whether onagrudyu nursed her baby.For non-breastfeeding women have a higher risk of ill onkozabolevaniyamiili get problems with metabolism, and they often occur problemypsihologicheskogo character.

How pohudetpri breastfeeding

lose weight gained during pregnancy, breast-feeding also helps.

on milk production organism mom spends 200-500kalory day.Non-breastfeeding mothers to burn the same amount of calories nuzhnopotratit, for example, a whole hour.

Thus, nursing mothers have a chance znachitelnobystree return to their old forms, as well as keep your weight vnorme not applying for this special effort.(Although they do sports tozhepolezno, especially since in this case the results will be even better).

Of course, it's not all the benefits grudnogovskarmlivaniya but this is enough to all the forces of his endeavor to establish.