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Ten reasons not to lose weight

can not dramatically lose weight
immediately appear chill.In humans, it contains 2 kinds of fat: brown and white.Adipose tissue is brown (due to cytochrome pigment) does not accumulate fat.She recycles it into heat and energy.If required, allocates much more heat (up to 20 times) than the usual fat.Such a lot of fat in children.But over time, it decreases.Adult man is endowed with these fat selectively.It is located around the thyroid and kidney in the blades and underarms.It creates a barrier there warming.Therefore, reducing the weight of a person at risk to get rid of such an important layer having good thermal insulation effect.

disappear endurance
Our ancestors sought specifically to accumulate more fat.This lets you save energy in the body during periods of food shortages.In today's world, energy conservation has lost its relevance, but because it is necessary for the proper conduct of life.Fats comprise energy twice as carbohydrates and derivatives thereof are involved in the transmission o
f nerve cells to each other excitation pulses.So, being constantly on diets can slow down this process, which is very undesirable for the body.

disappear protecting internal organs
Adipose tissue creates a protective cushion for the internal systems of the body.Mechanical injury or adverse external influences protected kidneys, intestines, nerves and blood vessels.Without a soft support, such as may occur omission kidneys.

women's issues will arise
may have problems conceiving.Sex hormones (estrogen and leptin) produces fatty tissue.These hormones honking reproductive system that carrying a child to the body prepared.Also, fat cells take up blood testosterone (male hormone) and estrogen in women secrete it.It turns out that the absence of layers of fat will certainly lead to a decrease in the chances of successful ovulation.

Decrease bone
There will osteoporosis.Vitamins beauty and youth - A, D, E and K. They accumulate fat tissue.But their concentration will certainly fall if sharply reduced the number of fat cells, which will necessarily lead to dangerous consequences.Weight loss leads to a decrease in bone.Lack of vitamin D lead to osteomalacia and osteoporosis skeleton.Take an active part in the fat cells and the exchange of B vitamins They are important for proper operation of the heart and blood vessels.With their help, cholesterol is converted into folic acid, which is required for carrying a child.

weakened immunity
This will happen if you decide to go on a mono diet.This is when you choose one of any product and only eat it.Reduce your weight in a week will be able to 10 kilograms.You can only eat buckwheat or tomatoes, yogurt, any kind of fruit.These products are low-calorie.But the food is monotonous and lead to a shortage of essential body nutrients.This will entail a decrease in immunity, it will be iron-deficiency anemia.Mono diet negatively affect sleep, the person becomes irritable.

There will acetonemia
Prolonged fasting the body gets enough glucose.Fat becoming an alternative source of energy.It breaks down into fatty acids and acid further decompose into ketone bodies.There appears hungry acetonemia from excess waste products.From the beginning of human odor of acetone.This substance is very poisonous.It adversely affects the operation of all organs and systems of the human body.

Skin Tone drop
It will certainly occur if weight loss occurs with pills, supplements and teas.Leather always decreases very slowly compared to the volume of the body.After a while, there are sites that will sag and wrinkle.

will happen dehydration
This is a consequence of losing weight "lazy."It seems that due to diuretics and laxatives to lose weight drugs.But it just goes away fluid.And the fat cells do not suffer.But for the body it is very bad.Water balance is disturbed, there is dehydration, nutrients are washed away.Chronic administration of diuretics become sick kidney, heart failure occurs.

impair the intestinal
At home, use an enema to cleanse the bowel.But it can help to cleanse only the lower bowel.Lose weight this way is meaningless.Uncontrolled washing will lead to stretching of the intestinal wall, disrupting its muscles.This subsequently lead to a strong and constant constipation.Appears and goiter.Solutions for enema wash away mucus will dry wall mucosa happen leaching of beneficial bacteria.

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