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Yoga for posture

Taking simple posture, freezing them for 8-10 slow breath and you will be able to work the muscles.And breathing should be quiet and deep.Complex do not forget to finish the relaxing shavasana (corpse pose), the body could recover and relax.In shavasana need to stay for 5-7 minutes.To do this, lie on your back, place your hands on the floor, palms up, expand and slightly to the side, spread your legs, close your eyes and mouth.It is important to find a comfortable position so that you can maintain a long stillness.First, check your whole body from the toes to the crown, relaxing all the muscles in turn.Then focus on breathing, feeling here and now.You should get the impression that the mind is awake, and the body is resting.

complex exercise

Sit on your knees bent, feet slightly apart, hands rest against the floor.Move the weight of your hands.Keep the wrist joints were strictly under the shoulder.Looking at the floor, make sure that the neck was a continuation of the back.Turn the abd
ominal muscles to work, protecting the waist: it should not be a deflection.Then lift your knees off the floor and place your fingers.Keep your back flat as possible, is preloaded into the tailbone.If you balk at the hard hand (body weight does not allow), perform a lightweight version.Forearm lay on the floor, fingers direct from ourselves, with your elbows should be placed just below the shoulder joints.Also make sure that your back is straight, without bowing at the waist.

side panels, ARC
Turn on your left side, right leg over the left rewound.Straighten your left hand and lift your body off the floor.Right hand pull up so that both hands were on the same line.Head drop, the neck should be an extension of the spine.Keep pelvis did not fall, and the stomach was drawn as if the whole body is sandwiched between two walls.From the position side bar, left hand palm down, forward, print, bend the body up, stretching the left surface of the body, turn your head and look up from under the hand.Then follow the side bar in the opposite direction.If such an embodiment, the exercise difficult, bend the bottom leg and put it on the floor.

Lie on your stomach.Place forearm on the floor so that they are parallel and located under the shoulders elbows.Stretch neck up, lunged forward, as if about to crawl, shoulders do not have to be raised and a little laid back.Stops connect.The back should form a soft deflection.Keep blades, pull in the coccyx.Ribcage direct forward and stretch the body - is the sphinx pose.Now, without changing the position of the back, lift your hands off the floor, placing hands under the shoulders and thrusting elbows back.Straining muscles, cave stronger - this posture snakes.Look ahead, pull the neck and chin to your chest, do not press.

Lie on side, print his left hand.Lift the shoulder and drag the left side, touching the floor lower ribs.The right hand in front of him, helping to maintain balance.Stops connect and lift the feet off the floor.Keep feet together.Then turn and do the pose to the other side.

Lie on your stomach, chin rests on the floor.Arm's length, linked to the castle, put under the groin.Lift straight legs connected as high as possible, keep the socks stretched.Stay in this position, trying to keep even breathing (at first it will be difficult).If you find it hard to do the exercise, make a lightweight version: lift your feet up in turn - first the right, then the left.Raising his foot, do not lower it at once, and linger in the pose for a few breaths.

Now you need to gently pastyanut back muscles, otherwise there is a risk of injury.To do this, lie down on your back, legs bent at the knees and tighten them to the chest.Forearms crossed himself and brushes grasp the outer edges of the feet.Pull the legs to him.At the same time raise the shoulders off the floor and coccyx, round the back, and the nose at this point, try to bury in his lap.

Sitting on the floor, press the sacrum and leaning on his elbows, lift the body so that the blade broke away from the support.Legs pull, lift and slightly above the floor.In the back is not to appear trough.Try to keep your legs positioned at an angle of 40 ° to the support (if you find it difficult, reduce the lift height).Then, balancing on the sacrum, stretch your arms forward so that they are parallel to each other and to the floor.Drag brushes forward.Keep your facial muscles relaxed.Stay in this position for as long as you can, at least 8-10 breaths (inhaling and exhaling).

POSE Staff
From low posture boats sit on the floor.Hands are not put under the hip joints, and in the middle thighs.Shoulders send forth;If it is difficult, put on the sides of additional support - a couple of thick books and put their hands on them.Lift your pelvis by abdominal muscles and arms and legs remain straight.Feet rest against the floor, pull the socks.To complicate the exercise, raise your left leg first and then the right.Each time try to stay as long as possible in the pose, breathe freely.Please note - during pregnancy, menstruation or after a wrist injury can not perform posture.

Sitting on the floor, stretch your toes forward.Lean back to an angle of about 40-45, keep your back straight.Shoulders slumped, pinch the blade.The neck is a single line with the back (and rejected along with it).Look forward or toes.Hands pull ahead parallel to the floor.Hold this position.A more sophisticated option for those who previous version seems simple: without changing the position of the body and neck, put your hands up so that they were a continuation of the back.

Sit on the floor.Lean back, lift your legs bent and push hips to the body.Then, holding his hands lower leg, straighten your legs, pull socks.The angle between the body and the legs should be straight and sharp.Teetering on the sitting bones, not on the coccyx.Hands pull forward parallel to the floor.Then lift them up and back slightly - in line with the body.Stay in the pose of 5-10 breaths.

flanked by itself put a couple of books, which you can build (in a more complicated version of his hands flat on the floor).Sitting, arms hugging her knees, straighten your back, hips, move closer to the body.Shin lift so that they are parallel to the floor.Sox stretch yourself.Then, straight arms pull forward parallel legs and the floor.Fix the position for 5-10 breaths.Then he put his hands on support, cross your lower leg in front of you and lift your pelvis and feet up.Again Hold the pose for 5-10 breaths.Repeat this 3-5 times a bunch of asanas.

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