Children // Adolescents

Minors in conflict with the law

minors from disadvantaged families.

Adverse families include the entire social groups.In such families, sometimes there is not one of the parents, often there are cases of alcoholism parents or conflict with the law.Minors in this case do not feel part of society, so ready to break all the rules and practices.The cause in this case are family relationships, because the parents failed to correctly develop the child's mind.The adverse families minors in conflict with the law are the most common.Only sometimes a child can avoid such a fate, but usually it is the merit of kindergarten and school teachers.Usually children from disadvantaged families are universal censure, and that becomes obvious prerequisite for their future relationship to society.A minor child understands the ability to change their own destiny and to obtain many material goods, so breaking the law.

Children of wealthy parents.

not always just a difficult childhood and lack of good causes violations of the law.A different situation

appears when considering the minor children of wealthy families.They often do not receive proper attention from parents, but remain under their care.Often such children in conflict with the law comes only to prove their own impunity.Children of wealthy parents believe that "money solves all problems."Resisting the existing foundations of society, they are just trying to attract the attention of people around and assert themselves.The most dangerous situation occurs when parents once protected the minor from due punishment.At this point, the child understands that he can do as he sees fit.

Abandoned children.

For many years, children's homes to help children choose the path of development and growth in society.But still people find what they appear juveniles.In Soviet times, the funding of children's homes were inadequate and comprehensive condemnation of homeless children is in their souls only opposition to society.For them, the conflict with the law - it is the possibility of breaking all the rules of evidence and its own solvency.Being underage children in advance has to choose its own path in life, and it's not easy if you do not receive a share of parental affection and love.Now the situation has changed, the state has identified children's homes, as an important part of the budget.Children get many material benefits and care for caregivers so they can become part of society.

Three separate groups of children show that the society is not that simple and safely.Minors and conflict with the law - are inseparable concepts, because the child in this way trying to circumvent and violate the foundations and rules.However, it is not necessary to consider these groups postulate, because there are always exceptions.A minor child may develop on its own, if it does not affect third parties and factors relating to the environment.

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