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The best dog breed for 4-year-old child

best time to purchase the dog will come when your child turns four years.Younger children are still not stable and may fall go and flatten the puppy.These kids are very emotional and can scream and cry that can scare the puppy.4-year old child can already be accustomed to taking care of animals, feed, brush and play with a puppy with a ball.

When choosing a dog, it is important to make sure that the child is not allergic to dog hair, because then you have to give a puppy, and it will cause emotional trauma and your child and a dog.

What is the best breed of dog for 4-year-old child?In this we are going to investigate.

1.Zolotisty (Golden) Retriever is remarkably tolerant in dealing with children a dog.She likes action games on the air.Perfectly it feels like in the village and in the city.Companion dog, she will accompany you anywhere, without creating problems.Perfect to train.The owner of a long luxurious fur golden requires daily brushing.

2.Labrador Retriever, this dog just wants to please par

ents and youngest members of the family.She is kind, gentle.Very good-naturedly refers to the strangers, the most that it can, it bark at strangers.But if she will see that the owner of danger, I always come to the rescue.The coat of this dog is short tight to the body, do not require special care.

3.Irlandsky Setter is an energetic dog with ebullient character, sociable, affectionate.He knows how to play well with children.Dog's body is covered with thick wavy hair, very beautiful feathering on the legs.

4.Velsh Corgi is a stocky dog ​​loves romps with the children.Goodwill is one of the main advantages of this dog.This breed was developed as a shepherd, so even in housing conditions is trying to gather the whole family together.The dog looks like a fox, body covered with thick soft fur to touch.The lack of a tail is an inherited trait.

5.Vest Highland White Terrier is obedient dog that is easy to learn new skills, not prone to aggression.Always eager to please his master.The snow-white dog's coat requires careful grooming.

6.Shnautser.There are several varieties of Schnauzers (giant schnauzer, schnauzer, miniature schnauzer) - a wonderful pet, lovingly refers to a family trying to become a full member.Always obey the commands of the owner.Dogs of these breeds in need of trimming.

7.Pudel.Also, there are several sizes (large, medium, small and that).Friendly, intelligent dog with very high intelligence.Poodles have a gorgeous curly or corded fur and require periodic trimming.

8.Bishon Frise is a small furry dog.Extremely gentle with children.He likes to be the center of attention.Can live in the smallest apartment.Shows daily grooming and better to those engaged in professional masters.

9.Basset.At first glance it may seem that this dog is always in sadness, but worth it to be close to the child, she immediately turns into a run and jump creation.The body is covered with short thick hair.Since a dog of this breed is very long ears need to be cleaned regularly.

10.Bigl-smart, loyal and very clean dog is easy to get along in any family.He gets along well with children.For hair bigilya does not require special care, sometimes you just need to wipe the dog with a damp cloth.

Any of these breeds would be the best friend for your child.Grooming a dog, your 4-year-old kid will learn responsibility, accuracy and respect for animals.And give the lessons of such an attitude to the problem of pet parents.

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