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Diet for hypertension

Why do you need a diet for hypertension?

If a person is suffering from hypertension, then it means that it contains blood vessels increased volume of fluid that carries the pressure on the vessel wall.When high blood pressure heart carries an additional burden, thereby increasing the volume of the heart muscle, causing the heart over time, simply can not pump blood that stagnates in various organs and tissues, thereby causing swelling and a limited supply of oxygen and other nutrients.

And if the person is also overweight, it is even unnecessary load on, already weak, the cardiovascular system.What are the recommendations?Blood pressure can be reduced significantly in the event that the initial stage of arterial hypertension reduce the use of table salt or in general to refuse it.You can also use light physical exercise.To lose weight, you can use a combination of a special diet and exercise.

Human Nutrition in hypertension

Special diet consists of the following rules:

first rule: reduce the salt added to food.Healthy people daily consume nearly 10 grams of table salt in hypertension should be reduced at least twice, that is - the daily rate should be 4-5 g is also necessary to limit the obbem little drunk liquid (1.3 liters per day,including the first courses).

second rule: need to turn off the daily diet of those products which affect the rise in blood pressure: tea, coffee, smoked and spicy foods and drinks that contain high levels of alcohol.

third rule: not smoke, because that smoking leads to permanent narrowing of the blood vessels and, consequently, to a sharp rise in blood pressure.

fourth rule: high blood pressure need to take care of their weight, in any way prevent its sharp increase.You can not eat carbohydrates that are easily digested, (confectionery), it is better to replace them useful carbohydrates, which are found in vegetables, fruits and cereals.It is necessary to refuse also from animal fats, replacing them with the vegetable.Some doctors also recommend fasting (short-vegetarian food).

fifth rule: hypertensive patients should pay increased attention alkalizing foods: vegetables, milk, whole grain bread, eggs, rice.

Rule six: patients on hypertension great need for potassium (bananas, cabbage, dried apricots) and magnesium (nuts, carrots, beets, cereals).

Rule Seven: need to properly distribute meals throughout the day.Breakfast - 1/3 daily amount of food, lunch - less than half the dinner - 1/10.

prevention of these diseases is very popular all over the world. American system of nutritional advice Hypertension (DASH) was created precisely for that purpose.Its basic principles are fully reflect the above rules hypertensive power.

We need to eat, the diet should consist of properly sized amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

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