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While we sleep, our body goes through incredible things ...

Lowering the body temperature
Before you sleep, body temperature starts to drop.This is a signal to the team on the release of melatonin, which affects your circadian rhythm (so-called periodic circadian sleep-wake cycle), and determines how much you still stay in bed asleep.Peak temperature reduction - about 2:30 am.This is the time you begin to struggle with her husband for an additional piece of blanket or strongly pressed him for extra warmth.

night as during the day, we lose water through sweat and exhalation moist air.However, the day we are constantly replenish water, taking food.So weigh in the morning gives the most truthful testimony.Nutritionists recommend losing weight even while you sleep, the result, of course, not the same as the physical exercise, but a couple of extra kilos can be reset.But in order to lose weight, you need to sleep at least 7 hours.The four-hour sleep will not help to achieve the result.

In the dream we grow
intervertebral discs that act as c
ushions between the bones in a dream moisturizes and become larger as the weight of the body is no pressure on them.If you sleep on your side in a fetal position, then due to the reduction of load on your back it will be the optimum position for those who want to grow up.

lowers blood pressure and decreases the heart rate.

During sleep the body does not need to operate at full capacity, the intensity of the cardiovascular system decreases.Through the night lowering blood pressure in the heart muscle and circulatory system has time to relax and recover.

muscles temporarily paralyzed
No need to worry, it keeps us from the uncontrolled movement and protects against unexpected injuries, if we do something to dream about.

eyes twitch
during REM - sleep phase (rapid eye movement) our eyes move quickly from side to side.It is this phase in which sudden awakening lets remember just had a dream.There was a curious situation: our sleep consists of several cycles of 90 minutes.So, it is easier to wake up after sleep duration is a multiple of the number of cycles.That is, we feel sleep after sleep duration of 7.5 hours (five cycles) than 8 hours (5.3 cycles).

We sleep in a state of sexual arousal
During REM sleep, the brain activates the activity, from which the blood flow throughout the body increases.Accordingly, the blood flows in the genital area, from which they are excited.

intestines freed from gases
during the night of the anal sphincter muscles relax, which helps smooth the exit gases from the body through the intestines.But do not worry, the sense of smell in a dream a reduced sleeping next to the spouse will not notice anything.

increasing the amount of collagen in the skin
collagen - a protein that strengthens blood vessels and makes the skin elastic.At night activated its development.Moisturizing creams containing retinol, a beneficial effect on the turnover of collagen in the body.Therefore, they are recommended to use before bedtime, they will further stimulate his struggle against the pigmentation and wrinkles.