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Chicken broth, honey and lemon to fight colds

medical studies in several countries in Europe, the US and Israel are clearly identified some of the positive role of simple everyday dishes and foods, they can play to strengthen the body's immunity against colds.

Let's start with the "Jewish penicillin" - so jokingly called chicken soup.Not one millennium troublesome caring mother and grandmother rushed cook chicken soup at the first sign of a cold children and grandchildren, telling them that there is no more effective means.And it always helps!The thing is, in a chicken soup contains carnosine, which has powerful immune stimulating effects.By itself, the hot liquid is already improving the movement of mucus in the airways and too hot to, appetizing smell of chicken soup reduces cold and flu symptoms - runny nose, cough, sore throat.Chicken soup has incorporated a unique combination of nutrients and vitamins.Organosulfidy that stimulate the production of immune cells fall into the broth of onions.Carrots - vitamin A and carotenoids, they increase
the level of antibodies in the body.The level of interferon and neutrophils is regulated by vitamin C. For lymphocytes exerts its influence vitamin E. The meat chicken a lot of zinc, which is good for the immune system.Numerous tests have confirmed unequivocally that the chicken broth drink regularly suffer an average of two times less often than those who ignore it.

In many cases, sore throat or cough recommend honey, lemon or a mixture of this sweet couple.No need to shy away from these tips.His reputation as the "heavy artillery" against colds earned her a perfect result.Logically, everything is clear: Honey - a pantry of many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the metabolism.A lemon, except for vitamins (especially lemon famous by Vitamin C), the mass of volatile production, contributing to domestic mobilization of forces in the body to fight infection attacking.The combined use of lemon with honey enhances the effectiveness of this drug repeatedly.There are hundreds of recipes which can be prepared from their treatment or prophylactic agents.But meticulous meticulous researchers wanted to test different types of honey.In Israel, the kids were given 10 g of honey half an hour before bedtime.After a few days decreased the frequency of cough, sleep in children has improved.It was noted that the honey from the result was more positive than that of the currently popular dextromethorphan.The experts noted that the impact of any antibacterial honey for sore throats are almost identical in its effect, even though checked king honey - Manuka honey from New Zealand.When heated, honey, for example, in a hot beverage, bactericidal properties are lost.When using honey and lemon should not melt the honey and lemon do not need to be cleaned from the skin.We utrem nose entire pharmaceutical industry with its tablets and drops.

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