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Duties of a young father before discharge from the hospital

Remove apartment (house)
Of course, it is desirable that it was a general cleaning, including the establishment of order in the whole housing.If this task seems unreal, it is necessary to clean up the mess in the room where the newborn will sleep in the bedroom as well as young parents themselves, if you plan to sleep in a different room with the baby.Also it is necessary clean the places at home, enjoyed by all members of the family: in the lobby and hallway, the kitchen, the bathroom and dressing room, on the balcony, and so on. N. It is necessary to remove dust from all public places and on the shelves, even ifthey are very high - falling dust can cause serious allergic reactions in fledgling baby, while you may not see it and not notice.The future pope will need to vacuum all rugs and carpets, brush, vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth all upholstered furniture, wash the floor with a specialized detergent (do not have to choose the product with a very strong and pungent odor).

prepare meals
Try to cook something complicated and sophisticated it is not necessary, especially if the spouse has not previously been the practice of cooking fancy dishes - in this case, the family is likely to remain altogether without dinner.For nursing mothers approach simple uncomplicated food: boiled lean meat (beef, veal) or fish with a side dish - boiled potatoes, buckwheat, rice or pasta, preferably the first dish with a light not rich broth (excluded soup, borscht, soups with beans and hot spices), and also good to have in the fridge ready supply of dairy products (cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt without additives).If you decide to arrange a festive meeting of mother and baby from the hospital itself newly made against her mom does not mind, you have to organize and solemn feast.For these purposes it is better to call an assistant relatives or friends.

Organize bed for newborn
most often crib or cradle.It is understood that the first bed to be collected and put on a prepared place.You should not put a bed near the window, because the baby can blow at the open window, and do not need to put a crib near the batteries if necessary to extract the duration of the central heating - in infants is not yet perfect thermoregulatory system and it can very easily overheat.An ideal place for beds - close to the parent's bed and the wall, where there drafts walk.After the bed is installed, all its washable parts should be thoroughly rinsed with a sponge.This is best done using a soap solution.Cook it is not difficult itself: 2-3 quart saucepan or small bucket is filled with warm water (heated to about 35-40 degrees), it is necessary to wash for 2-3 minutes in the water baby soap to foam.Cot best to handle it with soapy water, not water dissolved in it with powder or other detergent.In addition to being a soap solution is much easier to rinse, in its application are much less likely to make the child allergies.After treatment with a solution of detergent wipe everything again with a clean cloth dampened with clean well water.Those parts beds that are made of fabric or material, if possible to remove, as well as baby bedding is necessary to wash hands with a special children's powder, or in the washing machine.Linen must be well rinsed - for this in the washing machine you must choose the mode with the largest number of rinses, and if you want to wash by hand, it is necessary to replace, at least three of water.Once you have stretched and dried clothes, it should be ironed.

Prepare clothes and underwear for children.
Everything has to be not only bought but also to wash.You can do it in the washing machine with detergent and children separately from adults necessarily things.Typically, this part of the preparatory work is carried out expectant mother before leaving the hospital.However, the cases are different, and if the mother had to go to give birth without making this important part of the preparatory work will have already seized the pope.

Prepare parental bed
necessary to change the bedding in parent's bed: baby often take to the parent bed, so it is now increased requirements for parts cleanliness and safety.Also, if you like to soak up the soft feather beds, at the time of the child's stay in your bed will have to forget about it and lie down on a hard mattress.It is necessary not only for the baby properly formed the spine, but also to reduce the chance of choking the newborn too soft pillows and mattresses.

So check can be called the basic necessities.In addition to items for the baby, it's a minimal kit for crumbs.Kit does not need to from the first day to start to treat the baby - it is necessary to use to process the cord.So, check for hydrogen peroxide, two pipettes, green fodder, antiseptic (it can be hlorfillipt, oktenisept, chlorhexedine, and so miramistin. N.), Cotton wool and cotton sticks.In addition to first aid kits, home, most likely prepared two packages that you want to bring to the statement.In one package is clothing and shoes for young mothers in the other - for the outfit crumbs and disposable diapers.

organization solemn statement
This includes ensuring safe transport with a children's car seats, if provided - invited guests and the organization, the organization of video and photo shooting, purchase festive bouquet organization previously mentioned holiday table.And the last thing we should not forget - it's a good mood and calm, with whom you will meet a new family member.

If this list is the future pope seemed too voluminous, it is worth remembering that your wife has become a young mother, regularly doing the vast majority of these cases.In addition, the Pope could attract volunteers or employees to rely on specialized applications.

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