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Cleanses the body before the winter holidays

naprotjazhenii many centuries all over the world people practice cleansing organizma.Suschestvuet many ways to rejuvenate and nourish the body inside: Chinese, Ayurvedic techniques, and the like.By removing the toxins and nourishing food organizmzdorovoy, we clean it of harmful toxins, and is saturated with essential vitamins and elements.In autumn and winter, our organizmnuzhdaetsya additional support.After a period of sezonnyhprostudnyh various diseases.Of course, you can drink vitamins.But so vytolko restock relevant substances in the body, and cleansing are not proizoydet.Poetomu best spent detoxification.

In late fall and early winter on the shelves of supermarkets can be found razlichnyepoleznye fruits and vegetables to help cleanse the body.In addition, all etiprodukty possess many useful properties.

When and kakprovodit detoxification?

Bolshinstvospetsialistov find that you need to clean your body permanently.But polnuyuochistku recommended once a year.There are many methods.Odnipredl

agayut cleanse the body separately, ie each month ochischatopredelenny organ (kidney, liver, etc.).Other techniques rekomenduyutprovodit comprehensive detoxification.Therefore, it's up to you, of kakoymetodike best to do it.Also, pick up a methodology for ochischeniyaorganizma must be based on individual characteristics.But remember, chtoprovodit detoxification can not please everyone.It is forbidden to do nursing mothers, pregnant women and those who suffer from cancer, tuberculosis ilidrugimi degenerative diseases.It is also not recommended provoditdetoksikatsiyu if you lowered immunity.

Vsegdaorientiruytes his condition.In times of stress you can try provestibolee gentle cleansing during the month, achieving sbalansirovannostipitaniya.During the holidays, better to give preference to its mono-diet.Kprimeru, for a week at the mono-diet, which is based on upotrebleniivinogradnogo juice, you can achieve rapid purification of the body.Besides, takayadieta will benefit the kidneys and lymphatic system.Experts rekomenduyutprovodit cleansing so that the work to remove toxins from the body bylanepreryvnoy.Thus, the body will function normally.

Most luchshieprodukty to cleanse the body

Vmolodom age cleansing of the body should be soft.Therefore, dostatochnonemnogo adjust your diet and include some produkty.Dokazano that the below listed products are best cleanse the body:

  • black radish root is used to cleanse the liver.He helps her vyvoditiz toxins.It is necessary to rub or cut the fruit with the skin or zhevydavit juice out of it.The resulting mass or fluid to eat or drink once a day for trehnedel.
  • Eggplant is considered a vegetable longevity.It contains substances that horoshorasscheplyayut fats, so the eggplant recommended to eat those ktozhelaet lose weight.In addition, the eggplant is a good diuretic, they maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the body and positively vliyayutna salt balance.They are useful for constipation.
  • Cauliflower superior to taste at soderzhaniyupitatelnyh substances, as well as other kinds of dietary properties kapusty.Krome, it better than other kinds of cabbage absorbed by the body through svoeykletochnoy structure.The cauliflower contains more potassium and less gruboykletchatki, it promotes regular bowel and kidney pomogaetpromyvat.
  • Broccoli - a real vitamin cocktail this.It contains vitamins A, C, B9 and minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium and others.Due to this, broccoli regulates the liquid level in the body and stimulates blood purification iaktivnost liver.Regular use of this vegetable from the body toxins and budutvyvoditsya you forget about constipation if you have this problem.
  • Fennel - a versatile vegetable.First of all it is a great dieticheskiyprodukt, which contains potassium, vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and other nutrients.Takzhefenhel low-calorie, it is rich in antioxidants and fiber.This ovoschpomozhet bowels, eliminate toxins from the colon and onposposobstvuet good digestion.
  • Turnip - very nutritious root crop, which contains vitamins B and C, micro- macro elements (potassium, zinc, copper, iron, etc.).Turnips are rich in antioxidants and pischevyevolokna.At 100 grams of the product only 28 calories, so weight vytochno not type, eating turnips.To cleanse the body rekomenduetsyavklyuchat this product in the diet: two or three times a week for poltorychashki juice of turnips.
  • Pear as a low-fat, but it contains a lot of fiber, constipation kotorayapredotvraschaet appearance, stimulates the digestive tract and stimuliruetmocheotdelenie.Because of this excess fluid will not accumulate vorganizme.
  • Chicory by 95% percent water, but it has a lot of fiber.Onyavlyaetsya good source of potassium.With regular use of chicory purifies the blood and liver, uluchshaetsyapischevarenie and stimulates the digestive tract.Rid the body of toxins ishlakov accelerate metabolism and will take a few extra kilos.Takzhetsikory can be used as a diuretic and laxative.
  • Plum - it is also a low-calorie product (100 grams only 46 calories).Vney does not contain saturated fat, but in the sink has a lot of antioxidants, potassium, fiber and other substances that cleanse the kidneys.Fresh plums yavlyayutsyahoroshim mild remedy for constipation.
  • Grapes contain a large amount of insoluble fiber.He is odnimiz main products to cleanse the body, because soderzhitpolifenoly, phytonutrients, which are important for the rejuvenation organizma.Takzhe grapes rich in antioxidants.With regular use onstimuliruet bowel that prevents constipation.Grapes can be eaten breakfast or lunch time.With this product you will not only clean svoyorganizm, but also a bit lose weight.
  • Banana is rich in carbohydrates, potassium, fiber and other nutrients.Onprekrasno satisfies hunger.In addition, bananas are suitable for those who hochetpohudet.Just one big banana a day provides the body poleznymiveschestvami and has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

Sbalansirovannoemenyu to cleanse the body

Morning: pear or pear juice (100 grams);bowl of cereal with quinoa and soy milk, white unsweetened tea.

Lunch: a mixture of cauliflower (100 grams) and broccoli (100 grams) of cooked Napara;Tuna steak baked in foil (100 grams);stewed plums (100 grams).

Dinner: carrot juice and celery (100 grams);mashed turnips (100 grams);steamed turnip (100gramm) and brown rice (50 grams);Banana (100 grams).

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