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How to activate the metabolism

you seduce portions in half, give up sweet and salty, start a daily exercise routine.But when a week or two miracle does not happen, you give up.And the portions are again more training - in short, you do not see anything wrong with that bedtime treat yourself to a slice of cheese or half a bar of chocolate.However, if you want to stay slim and full of energy, set aside your favorite cheese and think over the following: recent studies have shown that we can control about 30% of the processes associated with metabolism.Yes, the remaining 70%, who are responsible for the digestion of food or cell renewal, beyond our control.But the doctors involved in the physiology of weight loss, confident that even those 30% of metabolic processes, which we can influence, and that a lot.Of course, to get rid of extra kilograms, changes need to start with the food, but rather, there is a certain group of products at a specific time.

Pete wisely

count calories

We all understand that to lose weight, it is necessa
ry to give up ice cream and cookies in favor of fresh apples and carrots.And, of course, we know what we need to gradually reduce the portions.However, if these simple measures do not lead to weight loss, it is necessary to think about the calorie content of foods that you eat during the day, and the number of calories needed to maintain weight.It is estimated that every 10 years the rate of metabolism in women is reduced by 2-3%, which means that with age, your need for calories decreases somewhat.For example, in 25 years, a woman leading a moderately active lifestyle, you need 2,000 to 2,200 calories.The 35 is the number reduced to 2000, and after 50 years - until 1800. That's the number of calories you need to not get better.But if you want to lose weight, calorie intake should be reduced.Calculating the required number of calories you need to take into account your age, weight, height, lifestyle.On average, for weight maintenance 40-year-old woman, leading a moderately active lifestyle, height 165 cm and weighing 70 kg, you need about 2,000 calories a day.And to lose weight, the diet will have to cut about 500 calories a day.This will reset 500 g per week.Try to reduce the amount of calories without increasing the intensity of exercise, and follow a change in weight.If after a week you really will drop to 500 grams, it was calculated correctly.If the weight is not reduced, at the same time try to eat less and move more.However, keep in mind that too much should not be to reduce caloric intake.No matter how absurd it may sound, a strict diet can slow your metabolism by 20%.When too few calories, your body switches to "emergency" mode, trying to survive in a stressful situation and make more reserves for the future.

Review diet
Recently, it was assumed that the smaller meals helps to get rid of excess weight.Today, however, nutritionists agree that the universal prescription for all women simply do not exist.All doctors agree on one thing: for good health and maintaining a healthy weight is very important full breakfast.And in regard to the rest of the meals during the day, you need to develop your own optimum mode.For someone to split meals (6 times a day, small portions) it is really very effective.But there are those who can not sensibly assess the size of the portions and with this approach eats too much.In this case, a full three meals a day is preferable.For other women, on the contrary, three meals a day is not able to do: breaks between meals are too large, and the famine becomes so strong that it causes overeating.If in the past you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight, this time poekperimentirovat try to find the best diet.Follow health, calories and needs.And when you find the optimal approach, start keeping a diary food.He is entered in all meals and drinks - always before you send it all in your mouth.This will allow us to adequately assess the amount of calories absorbed and build a meal plan for the future.

monitor the level of protein
Remember that you need to build muscle mass.Muscles - a kind of power of the human body.Per day to maintain a 1 kg of muscle requires 12 kcal, whereas 1 kg of fat consumed only 4 kcal.A study conducted in 2012 in the Netherlands, led to this result: a sufficient amount of protein consumed during the day helps to lose weight and keep the result.But how much protein you need to be considered sufficient?This is approximately 1.2 grams per kilogram of your body weight.For example, weighs 72 kg, you need 86 grams of protein daily.Boiled egg for breakfast (6 g), tuna salad for lunch (16 g), 100 g low-fat cottage cheese for lunch (12 g), 150 g of roasted chicken for dinner (52 g).If your breakfast protein is present, it is not only energize you, but it will significantly reduce the need to snack during the day.However, do not forget that overeating is still not worth it: an excessive amount of protein deposited in the form of excess weight in the same way as carbohydrates.

burn calories
Note cardio

actively engaged in the gym, you burn a lot of calories.With this metabolism is activated and continues to consume calories, even when you are resting.If 5 times a week do you devote 20 to 45 minutes of moderate physical activity, the daily energy expenditure is increased by 109 ekal.That is the effect of the occupation persists even in those days when you do not exercise.To determine the optimal load intensity, try to talk during class.If you're easy to talk to, then you are moving inefficiently.If it is absolutely impossible to hold a conversation, and you start to choke, the load is reduced.The best option is that you can talk while exercising, but it is quite difficult to do.Try to engage in 30 minutes a day and do not worry that this is not enough.Danish scientists in a series of experiments have found that women who exercise for half an hour a day, losing weight is almost the same as those paid to training 60 minutes.In addition, the half-hour sessions seem more simple, but noticeable effect motivates you to continue in the same spirit.

Alternate pace
To improve training, change the speed at which you perform the exercises.Within one minute move as quickly as possible, in the next minute to slow down, to rest.So easier to deal with, and many of the women recognized that training is no longer a desperate struggle with calories and turns into a kind of game.

move more
Here's a simple example: if you have an hour to answer calls while sitting at your desk, you use up 15 calories.But if you talk to standing, it has already spent 100 calories!On closer inspection, it turns out that doing the usual things, you can burn up to 800 extra calories a day, just rising from his chair.

addition to combat obesity, such changes have a significant impact on your health.Try to make as much physical activity into everyday life.Some techniques are well known to all: give up the elevator and climb the stairs.Rather than send an email to a colleague, stand up and go to the next room, go on foot a bus stop.But there are some tricks: while kserokopiruete documents at work, do stretching and mash your hands.In the meantime, the house begins to boil tea, do some side bends.