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Tibetan youth and beauty recipes

little izistorii Tibetan medicine

«Tibetskayameditsina" includes a plurality of components.Hosts many nauchnyhissledovany in Tibetan medicine, on which poyavilisrazlichnye point of view about the fact that it represents naTibete medicine.

Tibetskayameditsina based his teachings took the idea of ​​the Indian Ayurveda, tibetskoyfitoterapii and Chinese reflexology.Through these teachings sovremennayameditsina created many tools that allow you to heal razlichnyenedugi, prolong youth and preserve the beauty.

Takzhetibetskaya medicine based on ancient myths and legends.For example, in odnomizvestnom treatise "Chzhud-shek" described the principles of right and zdorovogopitaniya, which today are used.There are many retseptovnastoev, herbal decoction, which were invented by Tibetan tselitelyamii that are popular today.

Mnogieizvestnye people went to Tibet to restore vitality and health uluchshitsvoe.Modern Tibetan recipes based only on naturalnyhkomponentah and products that are matched so that pr

inositmaksimalnuyu benefit to the organism.

first tibetskiyretsept youth - on garlic tincture

Etotretsept was discovered in 1971 in one of the Tibetan monasteries uchastnikamiekspeditsii.When a recipe has been tested on humans, doctors were potryasenyrezultatom.However, to get the desired effect, the infusion must be pravilnoprigotovit adhering clear instructions and proportions.

Spirtovayanastoyka on garlic helps to cope with many problems.It aktiviziruetobmen substances, clears the bloodstream reduces the risk of heart attacks, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, frees the body of fat, blood vessels and uluchshaetelastichnost dissolves clots, improves vision and etanastoyka possesses antitumor effect.

Takayanastoyka very powerful, so the treatment can be carried out only once zapyat years.In some cases, treatment administered in three years.

How to cook

Chtobyprigotovit garlic tincture, take 350 grams of good garlic.Ochistiteego carefully grind in a glass container to stand out juice.Then 200grammov pounded garlic juice Put in a glass jar and zaleyte200 ml of alcohol.The Bank needs to tightly close the lid and leave it vprohladnom place for ten days.After ten days, strain the infusion cherezneskolko layers of cheesecloth and squeeze.The infusion should be left in a cool mesteesche three days.After that it will be ready for use.

How to take

Nastoykuneobhodimo take a strict pattern: 20 minutes before meals three times a day.

  • day of the first breakfast - two drops;Lunch - two drops;Dinner - three drops.
  • Second day: breakfast - four drops;Lunch - five drops;dinner - six drops.
  • Day Three: Breakfast - seven drops;Lunch - eight drops;Dinner - nine drops.
  • Fourth day: breakfast - ten drops;Lunch - eleven drops;Dinner -dvenadtsat drops.
  • Day Five: Breakfast - thirteen drops;Lunch - fourteen drops;Dinner -pyatnadtsat drops.
  • sixth day: Breakfast - fifteen drops;Lunch - fourteen drops;Dinner -trinadtsat drops.
  • seventh day: breakfast - twelve drops;Lunch - eleven drops;dinner to ten drops.
  • Day Eight: Breakfast - nine drops;depleted eight drops;Dinner - seven drops.
  • ninth day: breakfast - six drops;Lunch - five drops;Dinner - four drops.
  • tenth day: Breakfast - three drops;Lunch - two drops;Dinner - one drop.

Nachinayas eleventh day, the tincture should be taken three times a day for 25kapel.He accepted up until the end.Drops must be diluted B50 ml of milk.

Protivopokazaniyak use

Etunastoyku not take people who suffer from epilepsy, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the bladder.Also, it can not be taken for those who have kidney disease, prostatitis, adenoma, worsening of hemorrhoids.Garlic tincture is prohibited prinimatberemennym and lactating women.

tibetskiyretsept second youth - herbal tea

Etotretsept very simple.All herbs are necessary for its preparation mozhnobez problems found in any drugstore.This tea is very useful: it okazyvaetomolazhivayuschee and healthy effect on the body, which lasts five years naprotjazhenii.

Recipe tea

Chtobyprigotovit this tea, you need the following ingredients: 100 grams of chamomile, 100 g of birch buds, gbessmertnika 100 and 100 g of St. John's wort.All ingredients should be dry.Pomestitetravy in a coffee grinder and store them in a sealed glass container.The mixture nuzhnozavarivat in a thermos.In one tablespoon of herbs you need half litrakipyatka.Every night before going to bed to drink this tea.In a glass of honey chayadobavte.In the morning, twenty minutes before breakfast, drink tea in a thermos ostavshiysyazavarenny.

Nastoyneobhodimo take long until it runs all the herbs.This tea ochistitvash body, improve the condition of blood vessels, warn the risk of cardiovascular disease and okazhetomolazhivayuschy effect.

What silatibetskoy medicine?

Kazhdyychelovek care about their health and wants to stay young as possible dolshe.Dlya, many have resorted to various methods and prinimayutdorogie expensive drugs.Some are treated in the spa and health resorts, and nekotoryeispolzuyut folk recipes.Tibetan medicine has known for many tysyacheletiy.Za this time, many people have tried it and confirmed that it deystvitelnookazyvaet positive effect on the entire body.

Tibetan medicine with kazhdymdesyatiletiem only gets better.Improve methods of treatment and improved lechebnyesredstva.Thanks to this Tibetan medicine is far ahead traditsionnuyumeditsinu, which treats diseases medication or surgically.

As you can see, Tibetan medicine shirokoprimenyaetsya worldwide.Tibetan youth and beauty recipes presented mnogimzhenschinam expected results.It combines work mnogoletnierezultaty healers and specialists.Its advantage is that it lechitlyudey by folk remedies and products, without any chemical or tablets.Thanking you can cure many diseases, which are difficult to be treated obychnoymeditsinoy.Also, the positive effects after using Tibetan retseptovdlitsya long time, five years, and in some cases seven.All funds for the recipes accessible to everyone.They are sold in stores iliapteke.

Use or ispolzovattibetskie recipes for youth and beauty - it's up to you.But mnogiedevushki who took advantage of them, pleased with the results.

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