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Why do people get fat?


If a person is a leisurely, unhurried, slightly uphill, Toon is mainly plump, obese.Sometimes he makes no attempt to change their vneshnosttem that goes to a fitness club, gym.This gives a good result, but his laziness vsilu fat man quickly get bored and he again comes ksvoemu former way of life.But among the nimble, moving not vstretishpolnyh people.They have no time to get fat, they are always in motion.Eaten by them for denkalorii burn completely.

daily menu

There are cases where heredity plays an important role ilivozrast, poor diet, there is a cruel joke can play too zhirnyeblyuda or large portions.Frequent snacking also helps razvitiyupolnoty.When replacing them lunch or dinner is okay, but when poslesytnogo lunch, dinner rolls or sandwiches are eaten with tea or coffee, there's a harmony does not have to dream.Dial unnecessary kilograms mozhnokushaya chips, sticks.

Starvation diets and grueling

Now there are many kinds of information, where the Council kakpohudet using v

arious diets, fasting.However lyudiprodolzhayut plump, they do not help these tips.Although they often use CIP methods of struggle with the fullness, get rid of it they can not, and all because chtoedva dropping a certain number of kilograms, immediately gaining them.No silyvoli.As soon as the course of the diet ends, it returns the old way of life.And while takkak body gets little food, he now requires that unego robbed, played appetite even more.As a result, efforts to come knulyu.

Harm or benefit

There are a certain number of fat people who nepriderzhivayutsya diets do not starve.Motivated by the fact that all this brings vredorganizmu.In these words there is truth.Therefore, before proceeding to the rejection of what some products ilinachinat starvation, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.Not every body gotovspravitsya such loads.

Man on a diet becomes completely dependent on it, it is in constant agitation.For example, in the case of a trip to trip nadoprinimat food on the clock, which is unlikely in this situation, or you priglasiliv guests, and you can not eat anything.As a consequence, there is irritation, nervousness, fatigue, thereby deteriorating the appearance.

diet is relatively harmless, but the starvation chastoprovotsiruet increased chronic diseases, can cause stomach neshutochnyeproblemy.In such cases, it must take place under the supervision of doctors, nadoprohodit all stages of the preparation of the body, like the beginning of fasting and kvyhodu from it.

Beauty is not expensive health

is not always in its entirety guilty person has mnogofaktorov at which the weight gain, such as:

  • diabetes;
  • liver disease, kidney, thyroid, heart;
  • violations in hormonal background;
  • taking certain medications.

In these cases, when the fight against excess weight will not give nikakihrezultatov, we must accept it, do not worry.It is really valuable people in their appearance, and spiritual qualities, intelligence, good manners.

quit smoking - better!

Many people say that when they quit smoking, tonachali plump.However, due to the fact that they had developed a habit Currently installed time to take up a cigarette.Now smoking is replaced meals, which leads to the habit of something to eat, hence the uvelichenievesa.

how to fight obesity

Firstly, it is necessary to set a goal that you budetepolnostyu to change their way of life is not temporary, but long term.For etogonado bring himself change completely.The weekend definitely sleduetskhodit swim in the pool, work out in the gym, take a walk peshkompo park.There will be less reason to look for something to do in holodilnikchto a snack.Not so easy to force yourself to move a lot, norezultat not take long, you will be satisfied with them.In vasuluchshitsya not only figure, but also the mood.

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