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Common diseases that do not actually exist

This term refers to a violation of intestinal microflora, bacterial imbalance, often in patients receiving antibiotics.It is believed that such a condition should be treated with probiotics designed to populate the gut colony of "friendly" bacteria.In fact, under favorable conditions, the body is able to cope with this task on their own.In addition, the big question is, what is considered a violation of the microflora: the intestine is home to about 500 species of bacteria in the complex symbiotic relationship: one control function of the intestinal epithelium, while others contribute to the production of vitamins, others modulate the immune system ... Among them are opportunistic, calledso it is unambiguous because they are not enemies.

Find out what is the norm rather difficult, considering that each individual is their own.Therefore, a real need in the treatment of dysbiosis occurs infrequently: for example, when it appears life threatening infections (a vivid example - pseudomem
branous colitis).In all other cases, it is worth remembering the lability of the intestinal microflora, particularly in children, and do not waste money on unnecessary medications.

vascular dystonia (VVD)
hundred years ago, such a diagnosis was very popular - for a "sign" all the ills that at the time there was no objective explanation.However, with the development of medicine, this term has practically disappeared from use of Western doctors.But in the post-caught.Our clinics are still diagnosed "IRR".And it brings together so many different symptoms (rise and fall of pressure, circulatory disorders, thermoregulation, heart rate, and so on. D.) That it is time to think: it really is about the same illness?

term "dystonia" means "unstable state", that is it, in fact, not a disease, but a complex of symptoms.A disease - is something that has clearly described manifestations.For example, today is already considered high blood pressure syndrome, able to accompany various diseases, but not as essential hypertension.Western equivalents IRR lot: somatomorfmnaya autonomic dysfunction of the heart and cardiovascular system, cardiopsychoneurosis or asthenia, psychovegetative syndrome, vegetative neurosis.How does it treated?Advanced doctors give preventive advice on nutrition, lifestyle, physical culture and ... advise pass psychotherapy.And it makes sense, because our state of health is very influenced by stress factors.By the way, to be treated for depression much less than endlessly examine the body, find out why the concern is one thing after another.

We have it back problems to be treated all people over 50. In the West, according to the ICD, under osteochondrosis meant a rare disease of the joints in children and adolescents.And "our" low back pain there is denoted by the term "degenerative-dystrophic changes of the spine."Emphasis on the word "change" - because it is a natural aging process, developing a certain point almost all people.Over time, every body wears out, and one of the first processes associated with its aging (involution), are changes in the intervertebral discs.

Something natural, does not require treatment.It is only necessary in some cases, if there is a conflict between the structure of the skeleton and nervous tissue, that is, if worn vertebrae affect the nerves, irritating them and causing pain.Doctors call this condition of osteochondrosis with radicular syndrome and prescribed anti-inflammatory and pain medications.

cervical erosion on the erosion
know firsthand both our and Western experts.However, mean different things by it.If Europe and America is the functional state of the inner lining of the cervix, which is different from the outside in color and texture, in most cases do not require treatment - then we have the term "erosion" incorporates all changes visualized during the inspection of the vaginal epithelium of the cervix.

There are real erosion - damage to the lining of the cervix due to trauma, infection, or under the influence of hormones and ectopic columnar epithelium - a variant of the physiological norm in young women.It is believed that the latter may disappear spontaneously, so no treatment needs.But she, like any other pathology of the cervix, requires observation: colposcopy and cytological examination once a year.Worldwide, it is the basis of prevention of cervical cancer.

disc herniation
The classification of domestic medicine is one of the manifestations of osteochondrosis.However, a hernia detected in young healthy subjects (30% of cases), and by accident, when clinical manifestations and no people do not even know about it.This fact discovered American and European physicians, surveyed a group of volunteers without back pain.Of course, these people do not need to be treated.However, in some patients, due to anatomical or professional features herniation can interfere with nervous structures causing pain.Then we adjust this particular situation, but do not rush to surgery.There are statistics: 88% of the herniated disc goes away without any treatment effects.This data is of Japanese scientists, who for two years have seen such patients every three months, making it the MRT.By the way, we diminish and disappear exactly the hernia, which we traditionally operate!

In most cases you can do conservative treatment, if not without taking preventive measures.But the best prevention is considered an active lifestyle and regular exercise.This slows down the natural aging process and generates the compensatory mechanisms: strengthens the muscles that support the vertebral discs.

beriberi beriberi, we are ready to explain any problems with the well-being and appearance, especially arising at the junction of the seasons.It is expected that the deal with the lack of vitamins or sunlight will receive vitamin-mineral complex from the pharmacy.

Avitaminosis, t. E. In the absence of the body of a vitamin, is found today only rarely, and it is very dangerous: for example, if there is no vitamin C - developing scurvy, vitamin C - a disease beriberi, vitamin D - rickets(in children).Much more likely vitamin deficiency - vitamin deficiencies.This condition can manifest itself in different ways (brittle nails, dry skin, and so on. D.).He was not treated and corrected, and not necessarily taking the tablets.After all, lack of vitamins or minerals are often associated with ongoing chronic conditions of the body: in the presence of a disease of the small intestine - are not absorbed vitamins and iron.If dysfunction of the parathyroid glands is disturbed calcium and phosphorus metabolism.To understand what caused the problem and eliminate it can only be a specialist.

salt deposits in the International Register of the disease is not present.However, according to neurosurgeons, we have this concept, too, is considered obsolete.In fact, no salt is not postponed - it is also a compensatory process, one of the manifestations of degenerative changes of the spine.This intervertebral disc wear and sags.The vertebral bodies closer together, and their edges are formed bony outgrowths (marginal bone growths, or osteophytes).They increase the contact area of ​​the adjacent vertebrae - is the body's response to aging discs.Hoped that such entities can be "split" via massage or ultrasound, at least naive.

If they do not interfere - it is better to do nothing.But it also happens that, growing up in the direction of the spinal canal, these growths are in contact with passing where nerve roots, causing pain.In this case, directed therapeutic effect, physical therapy, special gymnastics.

MYCOPLASMOSIS And ureaplasmosis
attitude to these micro-organisms change over time.For years, mycoplasma (Mycoplasma hominis) and ureaplasma (Ureaplasma spp.) Refers to an infection transmitted sexually and require mandatory treatment.

is now known that it is conditionally pathogenic microflora, so in the world are limited supervision.The treatment is not carried out if there are no complaints, clinical manifestations and laboratory signs of inflammation, as well as pregnancy is not planned in the coming year.But our specialists in the majority insists on compulsory treatment of these infections.Incidentally, about 3% of the carrier may simply blocked.

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