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Direct posture and your health

Vsemizvestno that a healthy spine is the basis for the well-being of all Organova body as a whole, and thus correct, smooth posture yavlyaetsyaosnovoy good health.Taken care of posture, you will provide yourself krasivuyupohodku, prevent diseases of the spine, to ensure pravilnoeraspolozhenie viscera and excellent state of health.

Boasting segodnyarovnoy posture can only athletes, gymnasts and dancers, and most people often have problems with back discomfort during the day, pain, etc .. esliv not quite satisfied with their posture or if you occasionallynepriyatnyeoschuscheniya occur in the lower back or other parts of the back, should be included in ezhednevnyyrasporyadok day exercise, constantly monitor themselves and vypolnyatneskolko simple guidelines.Very often bending of the spine nastupaetv an early age, when parents and teachers do not follow the way rebenoksidit, walking and standing.If your back muscles are not trained, they postepennostanovyatsya flabby and can not hold the spine exactly.B

ecause chegopoyavlyayutsya pain, weakened muscles of the thighs and calves, as well as obvisaetzhivot.All this leads to problems in the digestive, cardiovascular inervnoy systems.To avoid all these troubles can be due pravilnoyosanke to which to teach a child from an early age.In detstvenamnogo easier to fix the correct position of the spine.

Today mnogiestalkivayutsya with the ongoing work on the computer, if you are too concerned should regularly monitor the way you sit, place the monitor on urovneglaz and keep your posture straight.During the walk, pay attention to the situation of the body, the shoulders should always be straightened, stomach in, and the back pryamaya.Postaraytes get rid of the habit of constantly looking at his feet, not only from etogostradaet neck and spine, but also appearance.When smotritetelevizor, read, eat, do not forget about posture, while relaxing sit vpozu lotus, it does not allow you to slouch.If you feel discomfort, pervoevremya can be put between the lower back and back of the chair a small pillow, take onapomozhet natural curve, and muscles will keep the correct posture.

correct and improve the situation back to help simple exercises that mozhnovypolnyat both at home and in the gym.Go to the flat wall iprizhmites back to her, so that the heels, calves, buttocks, shoulder blades and zatyloksoprikasalis the wall.Hold this position for a few minutes, zatemotoydite from the wall and trying to hold the position taken by the walk pokomnate.

If you have trouble keeping your posture, use proven and glavnoedeystvennym old way, put on the head of the book.Walk, poprisedayte, do kicks and hands, and try not to drop the book.Dlyanachala it will be difficult, but soon you will see the first positive rezultaty.Uprazhneniya with gymnastic stick also have a positive effect namyshtsy back, do deflections, lunges, pull up on the bar ipolozhitelnye results will not keep you waiting.

budettolko benefits of exercise in the event that they do regularly, control your body will thank you for etoono beauty and health.

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