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Pneumonia: Treatment and prevention

Pneumonia (pneumonia) - inflammation of the lung tissue, accompanied by a lesion of the alveoli and lung tissue.

There are a number of factors in the body that contribute to the development of infection:
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • weakened immune system;
  • chronic bronchitis;
  • impact of environmental factors on the respiratory system;
  • alcohol abuse and smoking;
  • prolonged bed rest;
  • old age.
symptoms of pneumonia
Common symptoms include myalgia, headache, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, weakness.The main symptom of pneumonia, it is usually the patient's care, is a cough accompanied by phlegm.

lobar pneumonia occurs acutely.The first symptom is considered to be a higher temperature, which is accompanied by a fever.Later still he joins cough and bloody.A week later the cough symptoms are reduced.Patients are often concerned about the pain in the chest.

diagnosis of pneumonia
as diagnostic use different methods.These include research:
  • sputum culture;
  • blood gas;
  • sputum under a microscope with the Gram stain;
  • blood count;
  • biochemical blood analysis;
  • chest X-ray.
Pneumonia prevention and treatment
Once the doctor has diagnosed, begins the treatment of pneumonia.Treatment of mild pneumonia may be at home.In this case, you must strictly comply with bed rest.Excludes visits to the clinic.Only in the case of medium and severe illness and if the patient is older than 60 years need immediate hospitalization.

to prevent pneumonia should be:
  • refuse to abuse alcohol and smoking;
  • avoid contact with people suffering from a cold or flu;
  • if you do not have immunity to chickenpox and measles, are not in contact with carriers of these diseases;
  • should not supercool and lead a healthy lifestyle.
pneumonia treatment using the methods of traditional medicine
main method of treatment is medication.Along with taking tablets should treat pneumonia using the popular recipes, herbal infusions, which are aimed at increasing the productivity of the cough, strengthening the immune system.

at any diseases is useful to drink multivitamin preparations;If the patient has pneumonia, should be used immune-boosting herbs - mint, thyme, oregano, black currants, cranberries leaves, raspberries, rose hips, and others.

If pneumonia is held with a dry cough, you should use the infusion of mother and stepmother, oregano, licorice and marshmallow.Broth to take every three hours to 2 tablespoons.

If sputum is very thick, it liquefied by means of teas and add istoda Siberian pine buds, plantain leaves, violets.Fresh juices, which have a stimulating and protective forces have expectorant action, black radish juice mixed with liquid honey, onion juice with sugar, natural cherry juice.

to enhance immunity take before eating a spoonful of the mixture of butter and propolis.If the pneumonia patient began to recover, you can do inhalations with decoction of birch buds, eucalyptus leaves.

severe pneumonia needs the support of the body, you need to drink a decoction of oats with milk.Eliminate inflammation from pneumonia, will help to speed up the absorption of foci absorbable paste: walnut kernels, lemon, aloe scroll in a meat grinder, mixed with creamy warm oil, Cahors, honey.All mixed and put into the refrigerator, the paste was taken one hour before meals, taken three times per day.The mixture is consumed when necessary prevention of pneumonia.

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