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How to survive the PMS?

Stress and anxiety

coffee, strong tea, alcohol increase state aggression, irritability, anxiety and stress.Therefore, to facilitate sebePMS need to eliminate them from your diet.No you is not calling them vovseotkazatsya.But a week before these days try to remove them from your menu.Ktomu if you constantly tormented pressure, believe me, it is normal.Etinapitki can not replace soda, herbal tea.They ochischayutorganizm reduced bloating.Puchit stomach often during PMS.

little advice

During the entire month, not counting the critical days, poleznoprinimat bath with lemon balm or lavender.They are sold in a pharmacy.You can vzyatvmesto herbs essential oils of these plants.They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.Also provides a calming effect of valerian and motherwort.But before temkak decide on their reception, be sure to consult your doctor.Because chtoeto herbal preparations.

Abdominal pain

It is not uncommon.Often such pain accompany menstruatsiyu.A reason is quite simp

le.Blood rushes to the small pelvis, that's because of this ipoyavlyaetsya abdominal pain.

As a precaution it is recommended to use magnesium ikaltsy.Magnesium is found in foods such as spinach, broccoli, in tselnyhzlakah.Calcium is contained in: dairy products.These include milk, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, snow and drugie.Naprimer, two glasses of milk and three slices of cheese with a fat content of 40 percent provides daily intake of calcium.Only here for the calcium usvoilsyanashim organism needs vitamin D. A large number of vitaminaobrazuetsya from sunlight.Therefore, be sure to use obedennyypereryv to go outside.If you have a day off, poseschayteulitsu at least one hour.If you have a child, it is generally prekrasno.Vyhodite with him for a walk.Even if there is rain, still ultrafioletovyeluchi fall on your skin.

little advice

effective tool to combat PMS - dandelion.Egomozhno buy in any pharmacy.Take a handful of grass or dining lozhkuoduvanchika, pour boiling water.Pustnastoitsya bit.Then strain.It is necessary to drink half a cup 3 times a day.This decoction reduces headache, and abdominal pain.

If a feel for such problems can be letomispolzovat fresh dandelion and stock up on them for the winter, drier itself.

bad mood iproblemy sleep

In the second half of the cycle appears in our body mnogoestrogena.This is a female hormone.For our mood, behavior and well-being, peace of mind is just as bad as the lack of it.We stanovimsyaplaksivymi, sad and irritable.Coping with nastroeniempomozhet vitamin B6.It promotes the formation of the hormone of joy serotonina.Takoy vitamin found in walnuts, apples.It should be a day sedatgorst of nuts and a couple of apples.This corresponds to a daily dosage of normevitamina B6.

little advice

Serotonin is also found in bananas and chocolate.Popeytezelenogo tea with this lovely delicacy.Many do not, or you will get escheodnu headache in the form of extra kilos.The brighter the light in the house, the higher the Unas mood.Try to include all the lights, even during the day.You can dress up vsvetlye shades.For example, beige boots, white sweater and mittens.It dlyazimnego season.But in the summer, of course, easier.It happens more often on ulitse.Solnechny light give the joy of life.