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Why do we smell and how it controls our lives

How does it work?
"Explanation" odors - not an easy mechanism.Many people think that we smell only the nose, but it is the same as to think that we hear with his ears.The nose is the conductor of the inhaled air to the olfactory receptors, which are located in front of the brain, where it is recognition of "smelling" molecule "connected" to the nerve cell and the latter immediately sends a signal to the different areas of the brain.

have someone like
Odour each individual and may depend on the genetics, environmental factors, diet, smoking, medication, emotional state, membership of a particular race, and even the weather.Scientists came to the conclusion that in the morning we feel smells worse than in the evening.In addition, most people have the sense of smell is exacerbated in the spring and summer, and after exercise (due to excessive moisture in the nose).

Smell and remember
Smells are able to evoke memories (eg, perfume can recall the image of the first lover, and glimpsed th
e smell of cinnamon brings to mind my grandmother with her delicious cheesecake).The smell, like scents that prevailed in the kitchen of our grandmothers, will take you to your childhood, what photograph of the same dishes.By the way, this feature doctors use in the treatment of patients who have lost their memory.Research conducted at the University of Toronto, show that memories caused by the flavors, the most clear and emotional.Scientists attribute this to the fact that part of the brain that recognize odors, includingresponsible for emotions and long-term memory.

be influenced
American psychiatrist Alan Kirsch found that smells make us act.For example, buy more products or eat less.In one experiment, typist printed on 14% faster when the air appeared a light citrus scent or cedar, and made 10% fewer errors.Some Japanese firms using combinations of flavors increase productivity by 50%.

Nose to the wind
Runny nose and allergy - the most frequent causes of problems with the sense of smell.

Runny .At a cold, when swells the nasal mucosa, increases the level of mucus and olfactory fibers are no longer catch the smell in full and, therefore, transmit to the brain information about it, there hyposphresia (decreased sense of smell).If the swelling does not subside for a long time, it grows into aposmiyu disease - persistent failure to distinguish odors.

Allergy .The smell of allergy may occur (usually due to a genetic predisposition).Sneezing, watery eyes, redness and swelling of the mucous membranes - common symptoms hyperosmia (increased sensitivity to the smell).The cause of allergies can be almost any flavors from our environment, from citrus and pine needles to dust.

When intuition leads
Violation of smell is of 2 types - peripheral and central.Without the help of a specialist is not possible to establish the form, so the problems with the perception of odors visit otolaryngologist (but excluding the pathology of upper respiratory tract - the neurologist).

Peripheral .When the sense of smell does not work in the nasal mucosa (ie, where the information is received about the smell), it is considered a violation of the peripheral.It often occurs during a cold, purulent diseases of the paranasal sinuses, long-term use of nasal drops, polyps and tumors of the nasal cavity and nasal septum injury and infectious diseases.

Central .This violation is considered to be more serious, sinceIt occurs at the level of the brain (i.e., at the site of processing and recognition information of the smell).It may be associated with the pathology of the brain and requires detailed examination and treatment.

unidentified object
olfactory mechanism at the cellular and molecular level is still not fully understood.However, every year there are new studies that allow to lift the veil of secrecy and understand why so many methods of treatment (including surgery) are futile in the fight against various illnesses caused by violation of the sense of smell.It turns out that the reason for rejection is often rooted in the work of the newly discovered molecules - cytokines, located in the nasal mucus.They are also involved in transmitting signals about the smell.

We choose, choose us
sense of smell - like gray eminence: we pay little attention to it, but it intervenes in all spheres of our lives.

you conclude about a person by his words or actions?Partly, yes.But our sense of smell, or rather the smell that comes from a man (be it perfume or a natural smell) plays an important role in the psychological diagnosis, which we put to people.Emotional reactions to odors arises we unconsciously.You may decide that a person is rude, aggressive, just because you are irritated by his scent.

Getting nervous
Smells not only help us to judge people, but also able to get to experience strong emotions.For example, the nervous if Breathe "smell of fear".Scientists Center for the Study of chemistry in Montreal during the experiment gave subjects to sniff a mixture based on the smell of sweat and frightened people who watched thrillers.After 5 minutes after inhalation of participants increased level of concern.And the smell of "horror" and even increase their level of alertness.

Fragrance with character
We choose those or other spirits, because they reflect the flavors and emphasize our individuality.But psychologists believe that the choice depends on our character, temperament.Extroverts tend to prefer the invigorating, fresh fragrance, with notes of green nature.Introverts are more like the East, rich flavors.A dual nature, dreamers and romantics, increasingly choosing floral and powdery fragrance.

Man, woman and nose: the third is not superfluous!
Chikogo Scientists from the University came to the conclusion that women's sense of smell is stronger than man's.The difference in them is a lot of factors, cultural and hormonal.Historically, women in our society have always been forced to make greater use of their sense of smell.Behind them were traditionally assigned the areas' use of the nose "like cooking, flowers and perfume.

All such volatile
In addition, women smell more volatile than the male.Estrogens increase the activity Retsepter exacerbates smell in the first half of the menstrual cycle, during the moments of sexual excitement, as well as in the early stages of pregnancy.Progesterone (va second half of the cycle) reduce the ability to sense smells.

Choosing a partner
The fairer sex smell feel the genetic differences in the immune system, choosing a partner with a man whose genes are the most different from their own, so that, united with him, to give birth to children with a strong immune system.Furthermore, we have odors through sexual signals stronger than visually.Most scientists agree that the fragrances themselves are not aphrodisiacs, but the smell of the body (produced by our hormones) have a strong sex appeal - as the pheromones secreted by the animals.It is therefore important to choose a fragrance that in conjunction with the smell of your body will increase your attractiveness, not alienate you.

drawn to the romance
As research by American scientists, most men romantic feelings for a woman cause scents of lavender, patchouli, sage, ylang ylang, amber, jasmine, tuberose.Some compositions can visually make a woman more slender in the eyes of men, for example a mixture of spices (cardamom, basil, pepper, saffron) with floral notes.To force a man to trust you to help fruit and flower arrangements.

Smell and taste: inseparable couple
Our sense of taste - the result of joint work of taste and smell.If, for example, sweets, toffees pozhuete, holding his nose, you feel a texture.A breath nose, understand how they taste - mint, apple or any other.Chewing food, you miss the air with its scent through the sinuses, where the receptors send signals to the brain.Therefore, when a cold food seems tasteless.Without the interaction of taste and smell, you are depriving yourself of the wealth of taste sensations, limited range of the base, which is able to distinguish receptors tongue - salty, sour, sweet, bitter and "umami" (MSG).The stronger the smell of food, the less we eat.Do not forget to cook with spices!

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