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Treatment with animals

Helper number 1:
dog protect against excess weight

heart problems, pressure, bronchitis?Will the dog.Estmnenie that dog - also a great tool for serious dermatologicheskihproblemah and may even help prevent cancer zabolevaniy.Lyubimets happily licks you when you return to work?Not toropitesvytirat his saliva.Know this gesture not only a dog can prove vamsvoyu devotion, but save many troubles.The thing is lysozyme.Etoantiseptik contained in the saliva of the dog.It is known that this otlichnoeprotivovospalitelnoe agent aids in the treatment of wounds and burns.Of course, etomsluchae it comes to animal health, is the saliva and kills vrednyemikroorganizmy.The dog can also help lose weight.Soglasnoissledovaniyam scientists from the University of Michigan, 50% of dog owners in SShAhotya least 30 minutes a day of sports.

Want to lose weight, lead muscle tone?Pomozhetlyubimy dog.You can go with a favorite agility (a sport in kotoromsobaka must pass the track with various obstacles, and projectiles. When
etomhozyain is nearby).You can try yourself in the dog-frisbee.Think brosatletayuschuyu plate dog - child's play?Doctors have proved that dog Frisbee - otlichnayakardiotrenirovka.When practicing this sport work practically vsegruppy muscles and improve coordination.

assistant number 2:
Horses relieve otskolioza

Hippotherapy nowadays popular all over the world.In the US iVelikobritanii using horses treated more than 25 thousand. Man.In Russia etametodika has been used for more than 10 years.Hernia, hydrocephalus, loss of vision, hearing, epilepsy - all of these diagnoses can "soften" communication with loshadyu.Fizicheskaya load when riding helps with scoliosis, osteochondrosis.

known: for children with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy - etoedva the only method of treatment.

the therapeutic riding - psychological ibiomehanichesky patient contact with the horse.For example, an autistic child ochenostorozhno slowly offer pet horse, to communicate with her.Chereznekotoroe while seated in the saddle.The horse is used as an intermediary vedetsyadialog to her in sign language in absolute silence.

assistant number 3:
Birds save otdepressii

proved that the human ear perceives sounds only chastptichih as our area of ‚Äč‚Äčaudibility - from one thousand to three thousand gerts.Ptichya the trill is in the higher range.But do not worry!All that we do not hear, not only did not pass us by, but also heals the body.

most common budgie ... pomochrebenku able to solve the problems of speech.By teaching the bird to talk, kid many times povtoryaetslova and thus trains himself.Watching feathered also pomogaetizbavitsya from heart problems, and neurologists recommend zavoditpopugaychikov serious diseases such as stuttering, neuroses, and atopic dermatitis.Dlyapatsientov visually impaired, suffering from depression, a bird in a cage - luchsheelekarstvo.Twitter is not only uplifting, but also improves health.At the instant of pleasure there subtlest trill vibrations that okazyvayutunikalnoe impact on the energy and establishing the internal organs.

excellent remedy for depression - a bird schebet.Syadte meditation in an easy chair in a comfortable position.Close your eyes.Breathe slowly ispokoyno.Imagine that you are in the forest, the blue sky above you and yarkoesolntse.Forget about your problems.You'll see - like a week poluchasovyemeditatsii bring you back to life.

assistant number 4:
Cats zazhivyatperelomy

warmer, massager and analgesic - middle names Cat.Tomuzhe these animals great help in renal failure, arthritis, hypotension, stroke, heart attack and arthritis.

recently President of the Institute of fauna in North Carolina Elizabetfon Mugentaler made a unique discovery.It has proven medicinal properties ... purr.Scientific lucidly explained how sound waves that izdayutkoshki, treated for various ailments, what type of purr suitable for zazhivleniyaperelomov and muscle recovery, and which - for the growth of bone tissue and oblegcheniyaodyshki.

suffer from pain?Call pussy and mentally predstavtesebe body that hurts.Just mentally refer to the cat for pomoschyu.Poverte, she did not take long, and lie on the sore spot.Remember that from 3 to 5 o'clock in the morning is better to treat the lungs and bronchi.From 5 to 7 am - organyZhKT.And from 11 to 13 days - the heart.

animal-assisted therapy, of course, is not a panacea for all ills.Esttsely list of contraindications for the treatment of animals.If you are allergic nasherst, tuberculosis, susceptibility to toxoplasmosis, should forget about animal-assisted therapy.In other cases, the call for help furry team.

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