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Sore feet.

1 cause of pain in the legs - varicose veins

Even if the legs are no vidimyhpodtverzhdeny varicose veins, such as spider veins, spoke blue veins, bumps on them, but you often feel pain and heaviness in the legs, worsekvecheru, you should as soon as possible to address these problems with kvrachu-phlebologist.

Varicose cunning and manifests itself early stages, when you can quickly help feet and not start a disease that way.

The doctor .Chtosdelaet phlebologist?Direct you to a painless procedure ultrasound dopplerografiyu.Analiz allows you to specify your doctor to the problem of the patient, the condition of his veins.Depending of type of research will be issued appropriate medikamentoznoelechenie.

likely spetsialnyhpreparatov in addition, you will be asked to wear a compression garment doctor dlyapodderzhki veins in the legs.Also, you may need to visit kabinetlechebno-physical culture or perform exercises for the legs in domashnihusloviyah.In turn, when you varices can further help sv

oimnogam following procedures.

Diet for varicose .Follow a diet that is recommended by nutritionists at varikoznomrasshirenii veins.Often varices occurs with increased body weight.So, we will have to say goodbye to extra pounds, not to create an unnecessary burden nanogi.A diet that is right for you at this time, to be a low-calorie (1300-1500 kcal upotrebleniene more per day).In addition, it should be in addition to dietary fiber, fruits ovoscheyi present proteins.Plant and animal protein soderzhatgovyadina, fish, rabbit meat and poultry, and nuts, soy, legumes.Gotovtebelkovye dishes steamed, boiled, bake, but not fry in butter and naskovorode.

sure to enter menyuovoschnye juices and juice from young nettles, which will clear the blood vessels, snimetvospalitelnye processes in them.In the winter, it follows zalivatkipyatkom nettles, give it brew, strain and drink half a cup of infusion 2-3 times a day.

Eliminate alcohol from svoegomenyu, sodas, sugar, flour products, fried, as well as coffee.Peytedo one and a half liters of water and fresh vegetable juices daily.

folk medicine for varicose .Apply to the veins on the legs lomtikizelenyh tomatoes.You can also put the grated garlic infused oil naslivochnom, as a compress.If tomatoes can be held for a long time, drug tochesnochnoe imposes on 3-4 hours, no longer.

Dried hop cones zaleytestakanom boiling water, let it brew.Strain and drink the infusion of polovinestakana before eating.

orehaizmelchite handful of nutmeg in a mortar, pour a glass of boiling water.Let sit until cool.Strain, add to the infusion of a spoonful of honey.Drink a glass of almond drink popolovine before eating.

2 cause of pain in the legs - go flat feet deformity

When flat feet and other common vidahdeformirovannyh stop walking causes rapid leg fatigue, Azat and the pain in them.Of course, if your feet are not wearing uncomfortable shoes that even healthy feet causes suffering.

Improperly formed voznikaetv stop early.Fix it can consider podiatrists only putemhirurgicheskogo intervention.But to do or not an operation only solves sampatsient.It all depends on how flat or deformity stopymeshaet its normal existence.Nooslabit symptoms of flat feet, causing pain in the feet, quite silambezoperatsionnym method.

Ways to get rid of the pain in the legs when flat feet.Purchase shoes nebolshomustoychivom heels.Flat shoes or, conversely, too high heel budutvyzyvat have continued pain in the legs.You can pick up special shoes sortopedicheskim effect.It should also be wearing orthopedic insoles supinatoryvnutri shoes.Many kinds of athletic shoes for women are given the stelkamii special built into the model suspension system.

Walk as often as possible pomassazhnomu mat.Get massaging Leg and time otvremeni do with them relaxing massage for the feet.

rolls feet tennisnyemyachiki or pencils on the floor, feet massage roller mehanicheskimimassazherami.

Learn a few exercises iztsikla medical and physical recommended for diseases of the feet flat feet.The Mid sufficiently effective following.

Exercises for flat .Standing, rolls slowly plotting with heels and back.Then, from the position on the toes slowly rolled nanaruzhnuyu part of your feet, and rise again on tiptoes.Outsideness the foot rolls to the inside and vice versa.Strolled through the house on his toes.Takzhesleduet walk on the outside of the foot, tucked under her toes.

3 cause of leg pain - muscle spasm

muscle tension and myshechnyyspazm in the legs, and with them the acute or aching pain occur after a single-dvuhchasov walking on stiletto heels.The pain in this case is projected naoblast arch of the foot and the calf muscle.The situation is quite normal with tochkizreniya physiology.The solution is simple.If you experience severe discomfort offering of high-heeled shoes, try lowering the heel, choosing drugiemodeli shoes.You can use high heels, platform soles.On such kablukahstopa it takes normal for her position, and allow the wedge to be higher aznachit slimmer.

relax the muscles in the legs nosheniiobuvi high heels help massaging the feet, exercises dlyasnyatiya tension in the legs.Until recently, chronic stress svodastopy doctors offered to shoot using Botox injections.But today, experts from etoyprotsedury refuse.The fact that such injection vyzyvayutneizmennuyu foot deformities.And over time, "the victim of Botox" have pribegatk surgery.

4 cause of pain in the legs - problems with joints and spine

Seemingly, the zdesnarushenie posture and unpleasant sensations in the legs?However, the same scoliosis mozhetprovotsirovat severe pain in the legs when walking.

articular changes in the feet, arthritis (bone sticking out on foot from the big toe), arthritis (such as heel spur refers to changes arthritides) is directly related to pain vnogah, especially when wearing uncomfortable shoes.

sustavovi fight diseases of the spine should be only with the help of medical specialists (neurology, orthopedics, neurosurgery).In the course of the treatment are in addition to blood tests, ultrasound and rentgenovskihissledovany massages, diet, acupuncture, physiotherapy, hirudotherapy.

What can you do yourself?To reduce the pain of the spine and joints prizabolevaniyah Avoid wearing narrow, neudobnuyuobuv.

Reduce your weight, so kaklishnie kilograms detrimental impact on the feet.Try neperegruzhat legs too.

When resting, lying down, legs podkladyvaytepod small pillow or cushion, so that they were almost vyshegorizontalnogo position.

Eat menshesolenyh dishes on the menu.Watch for a normal amount of calcium in the blood, handing over tests from time to time in the study.Increased calcium kroviprovotsiruet arthritic and arthritic diseases.Calcium deficiency in bone fragility kroviprivodit to the composition in the body.

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