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What does our skin?

Nauchitsyaopredelyat causes of skin problems simple, and this article pomozhetraspoznat problem at its early stage.So, let's begin.

Acne -the most common disease of the skin.These "malicious pimples" znakomykazhdomu person.The girls try to disguise them with a thick layer of cream ipudry guys are trying to influence them medicated creams, but neither they nor others do not try to treat it from the inside.

Pervoedeystvie you want to do is go to a consultation with dermatologu.On identify the cause and direct the further examination the doctors responsible zaopredelёnnuyu area of ​​the body.The most common treatment is a doctor gastroenterologist.

Eslipryschi are firmly on the frontal part of the face is said to malfunctions of the liver, stomach and pancreas.Spots at the temples - a sign of the problems associated szhelchnym bubble.Rashes on the cheeks indicate failures in the gut microflora inarushenii it.Acne around the mouth - ginekolochicheskoychasti problems, hormonal failure.If the rash

is characterized by redness and itching - etopriznak allergies.

Krugipod eyes are often the result of fatigue, sleepless nights, zritelnogonapryazheniya after long work at the computer, dehydration, lack of vitamins A, C, E, as well as the result of improper care zakozhey around the eyes and use of poor-quality cosmetics.More should uchestindividualnye particular organism - close to the skin surface raspolozheniesosudov, weak capillaries.

Krugitakogo nature easily remedied by changing the schedule and zamenoynekachestvennoy cosmetics on the quality, it is desirable for the lower eyelids.

Gorazdoslozhnee get rid of the circles under the eyes, when their cause is the zabolevaniivnutrennih bodies.First, we should pay attention to ottenokkrugov: blue indicates poor circulation, yellowness witness liver disease, the redness is a signal of abuse funktsionirovaniyapochek and allergies.

Prichinoyotekov and swollen eyelids is a delay in the tissues of the body of excess fluid, circulation disorders.The fix is ​​to cut potrebleniezhidkosti throughout the day.

Hyperpigmentation - brown spots of various shapes and sizes.Their appearance obuslovlenoizbytochnoy melanin in the human body.The reason can be vozniknoveniyapyaten internal disease bodies (chloasma) or reaction naultrafioletovye rays and the effects of aggressive treatment of lesions on the skin (melasma).Most people do not pay attention to spots, especially eslioni located in places that you can cover clothing.But what eslipigment spread on the face, hands and feet?In this case, prislushatsyak body and find a way to combat the disease.

Sprovotsirovatgiperpigmentatsiyu can liver disease and gall bladder, dlitelnayaintoksikatsiya disorders in the endocrine glands, narusheniyametabolizma.If the cause of the internal organs, it is necessary to apply kdoktoru for further advice and treatment.

Izmenenietsveta skin .In the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, we sometimes notice that kozhaizmenyaet color and normally do not pay attention to it, but worth by.Blednost skin shows low pressure, anemia, kidney failure, lung disease, and digestive system.Yellow color of the skin appears in people with liver disease and gall bladder.Red skin says ogipertonii and tachycardia.Orange skin tone indication porazheniyanadpochechnikov.In any of these cases, the treatment is necessary for the doctor.

Heels -The most invisible part of the body, but no less demanding for his resignation.Noinogda standard care does not help in solving this problem, kakrastreskivanie heels.Cracks on the heels can be a signal to one of the problems: the disruption of the endocrine system, diabetes, gastro-kishechnogotrakta, eczema, psoriasis, fungus.But do not be scared first time.Vzimny between the legs skin is vulnerable because of the constant changes in temperature, it tozhemozhet cause cracking heels.

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