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The magical properties of stones: lapis lazuli

From ancient times to the present day

Historical data allow us to assume that mineral stalidobyvat another 10 thousand years ago.It was used to decorate clothing, vbizhuterii and even decorated them with various buildings and structures.The ancient lapis lyudinashli magical element and noted his influence on various storonyzhiznedeyatelnosti.

azure and the sun

As already noted, sunlight is bright and lapis lazuli sverkayuschiyvid.This property is a stone, one look at him suggests that he can lift the mood of people looking at him and admiring him.Dlyanekotoryh people lapis itself is solar power.It is known that svetblagopriyatno influences excitatory impulses to the central nervous system expense mediator release.The exciting action influences naproyavlenie such feelings and sensations, like joy, cheerfulness, voodushevlenie.Kamen improves the general condition of the body, its performance, prepyatstvuyapri this state of depression and fatigue.

Lapis and Scales

Many astrologers bel

ieve that each sign of the zodiac sootvetstvuetopredelenny mineral.No exception in this sense, and lapis lazuli.Posledovateliucheniya celebrity believed that lapis lazuli has a beneficial effect nalyudey born under the sign of Libra.When wearing lapis lazuli, Libra svoipolozhitelnye enhance the quality and reduce the expression of shortcomings.Also astrologamizamecheno that lapis lazuli could have a negative impact on cancer and Kozerogov.Poetomu wearing jewelry with lapis lazuli for them is not advised.

magic power of love

another magical property of "stone of heaven" is its influence love relationships.Lapis helps lovers to better understand each other, not to quarrel over trifles, and not to yield to the impact of third parties, zhelayuschihrazluchit lovers.Stone property attributed to recognition of lies and slander, assistance in various endeavors and new acquaintances.

healing power of lapis lazuli

The therapeutic effect is observed upon application of lapis lazuli stone to bolnymmestam, drinking water, to insist on the rocks, as well as the processing of the vodoypovrezhdennyh parts.Lapis can be used in zabolevaniyahoporno motor system, gastrointestinal tract, damaged prikozhnyh inarusheniyah view.Of course, with no promises that lapis lazuli izlechivaeteti disease completely, but favorable conditions for recovery odnoznachnosozdaet.

Thus, lapis lazuli - a very unusual stone.It is undeniable that several properties of this mineral can not be explained so slozhnoverit fully its influence, but that magic - this is something inexplicable ilish belief in it allows us to see the magic.