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Extreme weight loss methods

We often lose the fight against excess weight.And then on umprihodyat crazy ideas that we implement for the sake of beauty and harmony.We sidimna very strict diet and go to the most extreme measures.They can be dangerous dlyanashego health, but it does not stop anyone.Nobody thinks oposledstviyah we just dream to get a long-awaited result.Let's see what can help us.


Today, the most common procedure for losing vesayavlyaetsya liposuction.It is very quick correction.What soboypredstavlyaet this operation?The body makes small incisions and insert in them is up, it destroys the layer of fatty tissue.With this tube nachinayutvysasyvat fat.The body loses huge amounts of liquids and body ostayutsyagematomy.The recovery process lasts about a month after liposuction.

This is a very serious procedure for the body.Therefore delatoperatsiyu be only an experienced doctor.To begin kdietologu go for advice.You may want to choose another way to throw off the weight.Eslivse the girl decided to lipo

suction, the surgeon must select dostatochnoopytnogo, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous, and so can ostavatsyashramy

Closure stomach

There are women who boldly goes to the operation poushivaniyu stomach.But it is worth noting that this is very dangerous!A chance of uspehsrednie.Closure of the stomach occurs surgically.After surgery vzheludke enough space only 30 grams of food.Since few people upotreblyaetpischi and eats small portions, it iprivodit to rapid weight loss.

But do such a surgery is recommended for people with 3-4 stepenyuozhireniya.And this procedure is very risky to health.After operatsiivozmozhny consequences.You may experience stomach infections and bleeding.Dalsheu A person may develop a bowel obstruction.So problems budetprosto sea.So you should first try other less dangerous metodypohudeniya.

Abuse insulin

dangerous and reckless way to lose weight for people with diabetes kotoryestradayut.They inject less insulin than you need.Chelovekpoluchaet a dose of insulin, which is enough for life.But insulin dose neponizhaet blood sugar.

Carbohydrates hard to digest, and therefore kachestveistochnika energy the body uses stored fat.But let posmotrimpravde eyes.This is very dangerous for humans!Weight is lost quickly, but etonuzhno pay for their health, such an experiment can damage the kidneys, liver, bladder.So no way to lose weight!This may reduce the life.


Already many have experienced the pills.They really work to the fullest.Thanks to them, the girl selling appetite.Vsetabletki not safe for health, and they must be recommended vashimdietologom.Most of the "vitaminok diet" - a mixture of herbs istimulyatorov to the body, from which little use, in addition, you have budeteot them dependent.

The girl can then be "break-up".It will oschuschatsuhost mouth, headaches, chest pain, high blood pressure.Therefore potomesche have treated the consequences.Do not buy anything that reklamiruyut.Esli decided to buy diet pills, you should seek help kvrachu.Worth a try pills "Green coffee".It biologicheskiaktivnaya supplement that will accelerate the body's metabolism.


Many have read on the internet that you can lose weight blagodaryapriemu laxatives.We want to disappoint you, it's all an illusion.Regulyarnyypriem laxatives leads to the loss of large amounts of liquid.The body budetobezvozhenny, and perhaps the girl the impression that onapohudela.This is not true.

After such a regular emptying of the person vozniknetdiareya, nausea, vomiting and headaches.It can even lead to letalnomuiskhodu.Therefore, in search of the perfect weight loss, you only hurt svoemuzdorovyu.It is necessary to stop and listen to your mind!


Do not think that will solve the problem diuretic slishnim weight.This is the same illusion as with laxatives.Posleprimeneniya diuretics we achieve dehydration.And from etogovam will only get worse.They can harm the kidneys and cause an imbalance vorganizme.

When a person is delayed too much fluid vorganizme, you should not rush to drink diuretics.First of all sleduetskhodit to your doctor.He will do the necessary tests and will select vasnuzhny drug you choose to correct the problem without extremes.

Syrup of ipecac syrup

previously administered to people in case of poisoning gastrointestinal kishechnogotrakta.The root causes vomiting painful to humans.Now syrup stalpopulyarnym in modeling.It is taken to cause immediately rvotnyyrefleks.Use syrup diet is very dangerous!This can lead kuzhasnym consequences.

Through vomiting can just throw a couple of kilos.But pomimoetogo and amass a lot of diseases.After these can be seen zatrudneniedyhanie vomiting, rapid heart rate, and even seizures.There were cases that primeneniesiropa led to death.

Fasting, which leads to anorexia

not clear why, but still "starving" polzuetsyapopulyarnostyu among teenagers and young girls.First, for a couple of days, or even weeks, experiencing incredibly brutal famine.Girl pytaetsyazapit your hunger with water.It is no longer eat normally.Very soon golodvyzovet dizziness, nausea, headaches.Such deprivation leads kanoreksii.She stops eating, it does not even have the appetite, though she Items not a long time for food.The body is exhausted.This is psihicheskoerasstroystvo.So if you notice that your daughter or girlfriend vsepriznaki anorexia, then lead her to the doctor, it is too late.Most sluchaevanoreksii lead to death.


It is also a disease atochnee eating disorder.Girl eating, feeling guilty about it, and causes vomiting, chtobyoporozhnit your stomach.Regular vomiting leads to heartburn, ulcers and t.d.Bolezn can lead to heart attack.Symptoms of bulimia are very simple.Esliv noticed that the girl after a meal are constantly visiting the bathroom, unee bad breath and bad teeth, then it is worth considering.Perhaps onastradaet bulimia.These people become withdrawn.Do not torture your body, you just navreditesebe.

therefore conclude that extreme kinds pohudeniyatolko hurt you.They will not make you thin and attractive.You tolkozarabotaete yourself some diseases.So watch your diet pitaniyai sport.Walk over the fresh air and give up zhirnoyi sweet food.These simple rules will help you to maintain your figure vprekrasnom condition and you do not have the stomach to take in or to extort from sebyazhir!Be always on the positive!