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Family holidays with babies

Family with babies

For baby the best vacation spot is a country house in the village or in the forest recreation in our climate zone.If you want to relax by the sea with a baby - choose not hot summer months, and where small crowds.Ideally suited the beginning of summer and the velvet season.Care must be taken to the beach was good, there were no discos and noisy nightlife subcultures under the windows.

Going on holiday with baby

Make a list of up to 2 weeks before the trip, what to buy, and to make all the little things, which is not enough to remember.Sling or device to carry a baby easier for you to rest with your child and help in moving around the area.

Do not forget to stock up on drinking water, it will prevent the occurrence of intestinal infections.Be sure to take the children's dining room or drinking water.In the street, take a thermos with hot water.

Nutrition infant

ideal option is to travel by breastfeeding.After the mother's milk is always warm and fresh.If a baby bottle-fe

d, you need to stock up on milk formula, and if complementary foods, take with cereal, juice and vegetable puree.Hygienic and convenient to take the finished baby food in jars and instant oatmeal.If you cook for yourself, you will not be superfluous, if you take the dishes, tiles and portable electric.

clothes baby

necessary to take such a trip in the clothing that wears well and dries quickly.In good weather, stock up on plenty of children's pants, in the heat, do not use disposable diapers.Wardrobe crumbs in addition to summer suit and should consist of things in view of cooling.If a child often gets dirty playing in the air, you need to have on hand a change of clothes.Be sure to have panamku.

possible, grab the road bedding, baby.Useful terry towel and a large number of diapers.To ensure that you have saved time and energy to wash, take a wet wipes, disposable diapers, diapers and paper handkerchiefs.

At the new place

Any change of scenery excites children.Therefore, in the 1st day you need to pay more attention to the baby and hold it safely.Stay calm, do not rush down to the child's hands, do not change the mode of the baby.Gradual adaptation of the child to the new environment will help to enjoy the rest and to cope with change.

Entertainment for the child to rest

Prepare to relax favorite toys, such that could be easily and frequently washed.Do not let all the toys immediately.Let's just part and gradually replace the well-forgotten old or new toys.The house can be distinguished children's corner, and on the street if possible to arrange ground inflatable pool, swing.Everything should be on the mind and you should always be near the child.

in case of colds, bruises, cuts must be first-aid essentials.Find out on what phone you can call "ambulance."Keep inviolable worth a taxi at night to call a taxi, attacks many diseases occur at night.With a need to have all the documents for the child, including his medical card.

Sunbathing and water

baby tolerated stay in the sun before 11 am and after 17 hours.A child under one year should be under a canopy in a special blouse with long sleeves, in which he will be protected from sunburn and harmful rays.At the head of the baby should be easy kerchief, cap or panama.Violently can not bring a child into the water, it must enjoy.Swimming should be increased gradually from a few minutes up to fifteen minutes, it depends on the child's condition and water temperature.

Follow these tips and then a family holiday with a baby going to be easy and full of wonderful memories.

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