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Good breakfast for active tourists

Once on student outings, we were content with cheap "backpacker breakfast" and were glad to be deceived by the fact that was inside.Today stew - not a cheap pleasure.Especially in the composition of the product manufacturers specify only meat and meat.

However, packaging often hides from us the true "picture of the flesh" - for tin walls do not make out.And we buy a "pig in a poke", unless of course, the bank is not glass.When opening the inside is, of course, not a cat, but a good piece of stew called veins, fat and cartilage, wandering in the turbid broth, do not dare.To facilitate the selection, for the test samples were taken, who is assured the producers did not have soy and other vegetable proteins, and tried to find out whether the product quality standards and our expectations.Healthy breakfast for active tourists can be any canned meat or stew.

meat alternative. in your life really there are times when there is no possibility to prepare breakfast of fresh or defrosted meat, and there is no
possibility to cook at all.And then we remember the stew.Its beauty is that it has a long shelf life (up to 5 years) at home.Prepare canned quality of meat and fat, which are tightly placed in jars, add the salt, pepper, bay leaves, roll tightly and sterilized.There are sublimated (ie, dehydrated) meat which, when immersed in water turns into something really similar to pork or beef tenderloin.But again, the question is: where and how to cook when you are in constant motion.There are useful soy meat, which is also very much an amateur.So for a hearty lunch away from home, except banks with stewed meat, no one is better and tastier it out.Good breakfast for the active tourist sold in all stores, so the choice range is wide.

conservation laws. chemical composition, energy value and taste properties determined the nutritional value of meat.The most valuable meat - is easily digestible complete protein and useful zatrak.Animal protein - it is the power of our brains, hard work, endurance, which comes in handy not only at the workplace but also at rest.More beef, for example, contains a lot of iron.Save it all in the bank helps sterilization, it must ensure a good quality of canned and stability (of course, if one is for them to choose a worthy raw materials).Approach to this process technology is necessary with great responsibility.On the one hand, in order to increase the resistance of cans during storage needs to sterilization temperature it was very high, and the heat treatment time longer.On the other hand high temperature heating is the destruction of the structure of the meat, and this leads to a deterioration of its taste advantages, such as strong and fluffing kroshlivosti.The most suitable temperature for sterilization is considered to 121.1 degrees.At this temperature, even the most resistant microorganisms are killed.

Stew - by the horns!
So, consciously choosing hefty banks' Beef in its own juice, "we do not want to drag with this compact source of protein, which itself is a source of protein, just 7-10%, and the rest -" Barnyard. "Therefore testing becomes identification of intrigue ended stew.Please check what the total amount of meat and fat requirements.According to state standards of the mass fraction is stew for a premium of 56.5%, and for the first grade - 54%.Then check the amount of fat.It should be 17%, no more.Meat, onion, pepper, bay leaf, fat - these are the components of this stew.

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