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Using the biologically active points of the body for healing

With each of biologically active points, you can get the information about the functional state of individual cells and tissues.Stimulation of these points able to provide health and medical effects that underlie the technique called reflexology.With purposeful use of knowledge on biologically active points can be achieved by activation of the system of self-regulation of the body, increase resistance to viral and bacterial infections by strengthening immunity, quickly remove fatigue syndrome and restore performance, improve overall health.

Starting from the XIII century AD, stimulation of biologically active points with the aim of healing the body recognized by the official medicine in many Eastern countries.At the moment there are about seven hundred of points, which are combined into certain groups.Chinese folk healers are grouped biologically active skin, calling them "life lines".Total surface of the human body are 14 such lines, which include almost all the points mentioned.With deliberate stim

ulation of these areas of skin usually causes no symptoms.People who have such health sessions, describe their feelings in these areas of the body as numbness, the emergence of a feeling of heaviness or heat.The character of a sensation depends not only on the choice of certain biologically active point but also on the way of influence on him.Most often used for healing the body with the help of this technique is suitable to use acupuncture, acupressure, electrostimulation, cauterization.

Each of biologically active points can be found on some anatomical features - bumps, dimples, wrinkles on the skin.An indication of the correct location of these sites is the following point: the strong pressure on these points should occur feeling an ache or pain.When the self-study with the aim of finding biologically active sites should be carefully and slowly feeling the surface of the body and with the same force pressing on the skin until the pain.At some points the skin have increased or decreased sensitivity.

When a sufficient level of acquired knowledge about the active areas of the body can begin the point of self-massage.In the event of disruption to certain systems of the body of knowledge can be applied to biologically active points and try to influence the sensitive areas of the skin, thereby trying to restore the normal functioning of a particular organ.However, this should be done only after a lengthy learning the basics of this technique in seminars in specialized health centers that provide training for those wishing to learn the secrets of Eastern medicine.These centers operate in almost all major cities.Also, before using the point of self-massage is advisable to consult with your doctor.

Proper use of biologically active points can not only significantly improve the state of health without costly drugs, but also allows you to purposefully implement the process of recovery of the whole organism, activating the redundant human capabilities.