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Health effects of summer holiday in the countryside

Firstly, the rest of the city gives you the opportunity to at least once a year for a few days (or even weeks) to stay away from the city noise and noise.Scientists have long shown that noise pollution in the streets of big cities has a very negative impact on the human body.For example, such variations in health status as a violation of the nervous system is very much affected by excessive noise from the busy avenues and squares.

Secondly, during the summer holiday in the countryside you will be able to take great pleasure in deeply breathe clean air that is not polluted by industrial emissions urban factories.Especially useful will be on holiday in the country for children because they are more susceptible to the negative influence of gas and dust pollution.The fact is that in urban areas the most air pollution is celebrated for the lowest ground layer.A small children because of their small stature is just experiencing the harmful effects of polluting substances to a much greater extent than adult

s who are able due to its higher growth to pick up from the environment to breathe a little more fresh air.But in any case, during the heat of summer air in the large cities of central streets has become so polluted that stay there for a long time it becomes really dangerous for health.

Thirdly, during the summer holiday in the countryside you will surely be able to visit the beach on the banks of a river or lake.During this pastime you provided a good opportunity to carry out sessions sun and air baths, as well as a dip in the pond.These procedures are very healthy, because they have a pronounced effect of tempering.In addition, the effect of sunlight on our body has a positive effect on the synthesis of vitamin D, preventing the development of such dangerous diseases such as rickets.However, during the holidays, be aware that your body is subjected to the influence of the rays of the summer sun, it is desirable only in the morning or in the evening because the lunch time the skin is excessive dose of UV radiation that can stimulate the development of cancerous tumors.

Fourth, summer holidays in the country is able to have a positive impact on health due to the possibility of increased physical activity.Intense physical work done by muscles of the body while swimming or jogging along the forest paths, promotes expenditure of fat cells and thereby provides the necessary influence on the elimination of excess body weight.In addition, physical activity in the fresh air helps to saturate the body with oxygen, which enhances metabolic processes.

And, of course, one can not forget about the possibility of hiking in the woods to pick berries and mushrooms - the most valuable of these gifts of nature can be cooked many delicious dishes, which are able to provide us with all the necessary vitamins and minerals

Soway, opting for a summer holiday in the countryside, you can have a significant impact on the health of your body.