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We go on holiday with a small child

So, as you can see from my preface, for a vacation with your child can and should be.You just need to prepare in advance and carefully think through everything in order to avoid inconveniences on the road and make the rest not burdensome, and enjoyable for all.Remember that famous saying "Little kids - little bedki" will not work here.The journey is the opposite: the smaller the child, the more troublesome to him to rest.But grieve not.So, go on holiday with a small child.Where do you start training?

The first thing you need to decide - this is where the rest.

If you decide to go with the child on a long journey, and even more so abroad, first of all, you need to choose a country with a suitable climate.Remember: the most suitable climate should not differ from the usual no humidity or temperature changes.If you decide to go for a vacation in the country, the climate is very different from the usual, it is best to go to the "velvet season", when not so hot and humid.For the first trip is better to cho

ose the country in the 3-4 hour flight to the child is not overworked.If you go to the sea, keep in mind that the most pleasant beaches are less useful in terms of health and hygiene than shingle beach.

If you want to rest and improve your health at the resort, please note: children under 4 years of spa treatment is not desirable!Just rest.

Equally important is the age of the child.Pediatricians do not recommend a trip to the end of the vaccination cycle.Healthy children are vaccinated at 6 months.If not done all vaccinations, better to postpone the trip.

If you are traveling with a baby, you think, will be available as a high-quality baby food - it is unlikely you will be able to put everything in a suitcase.

If you stay as tourists, specify in advance the living conditions and - most importantly - do not forget to properly execute all documents for traveling abroad.

second important aspect of this is what you will get to destinations.


has some significant advantages:

  1. always possible to change the route;
  2. can make stops at will.

child in the car to sleep in comfort, and leisure facilities - to be as close to home.Therefore, if you have a baby, take the cradle of strollers, older child - a special car seat.Remember: the safest place in the car - for the driver.Take frequent stops to stretch your legs can be, it is necessary not only the child but an adult.Think carefully about leisure baby: do not read on the road, as it is harmful to the eye, the eye tire quickly, better take a cassette with your favorite fairy tales, songs that can be learned on the road and sing together.And the child is useful, and you will have fun.Do not forget your child's favorite toys.


If you have a separate compartment, wipe all places accessible to the child (rag advance prepare at home).Be sure to take the child home for bed linen.Children under 12 years sleep better on the bottom shelf.Your regiment should be in front, so you can see the child, and he - you, if you suddenly wake up.Do not let children alone walk on

car.Well, if your child is in the car will be peers, help the children learn: with much more fun and easier to carry the road.Do not forget to developing games: bingo, checkers, chess, dominoes.It would be nice to have in stock a few games that you could play with your child.Master the simple crafts out of paper.Your child will be happy to join you.Pencils, pens, paper - your reliable assistant in the road.Do not let a child use the toilet, wash your hands often.


On the one hand, it is very convenient - a flight lasting a few hours, but on the other - the preparation for landing, the registration lasts several hours, tiring, not only for the child, but also for adults.

best if the child takes a seat, otherwise you'll have to keep it all the time on their hands.Be sure to take a drink in the lounge, baby food, diapers, wipes, anti-motion sickness pills.At take-off and landing is better to feed your baby, it will facilitate the state during pressure drops.Consider the child's leisure time on the road.

Small tips for every day.

1. Tiny take more diapers and diapers.When cool, it is better to use diapers, and if it's hot - you can give a child to lie naked or in underpants.

2. Do not forget to funds from mosquitoes and flies and gauze cape pram.

3. Do not forget warm clothes and panamku and rubber boots.

4. If the child is very small, it can become a very useful arena, it can be taken outside for a day.For the older child will have enough blankets or mats.Let the child will be able to move around safely.

5. Do not be amiss, and a pool with all sorts of toys: You can and splash, and catch fish and arrange a real sea battle.

6. If you have planned a walk in the woods, remember that all skin areas should be protected.On foot is best to wear rubber boots, hat - is required.

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