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Where to go to relax and what to bring?

Who - where?

If you suffer from chronic diseases, then the choice of the route, consult your doctor.In some cases, its recommendations can be quite categorical.

sharp change of climate is contraindicated in people with cardiovascular disease, patients with bronchitis, with abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system, as well as all travelers older.They are best to rest within a familiar climate zone.

• With increased thyroid function hot sun can be harmful to health, so stay in this case would have to choose, or the cooler months of the year in the southern parts, or cool country in the summer.

• hypertensive and asthmatic benefit vacation in the mountains or the sea.

• Sea air is particularly beneficial effect on those who suffer from chronic diseases of the nasopharynx: sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis.

hiking kit.

List of acute diseases, which to some extent can trap you away from home, all of you are well known (about exotic illnesses it is not coming, because they can be cured only by

a doctor).And so you can have time to yourself and your family first aid, you need to take a required minimum of medicines.Especially it is necessary to make those who go for a vacation abroad.

Gastrointestinal Disorders. diarrhea or constipation can cause poor-quality drinking water, unusual for your body's particular cuisine or just a change of the usual menu of any other.If you suspect poisoning you a very useful activated charcoal tablets.They should be taken on an empty stomach, at the rate of one tablet per 10 kg own weight.From relieve pain quickly spazmalgetiki.A enzyme preparations you will be able to support a weakened digestive system exotic dishes.If you overcome the problem of the opposite properties, then as a laxative, take something easy, based on vegetable raw materials.

But taking antibiotics is not necessary.Prolonged diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain required to seek medical attention.But best of all - try to avoid infection.To do this, wash hands frequently, do not buy food with questionable trays and drink only water that is sold in bottles.

Acute respiratory infections. There is no guarantee that you will pass on your vacation so-called cold.You can catch a corny airborne by standing next to the patient.Or you can step up and own viruses supercooled by a long swim in the sea or from the excessive absorption of ice cream.

If you feel unwell, caused a slight rise in temperature, you need to paracetamol as the most gentle means.Take also a vasoconstrictor drops, which will facilitate breathing in the blocked nose.By the way, be sure to drip this preparation before planting: thus you will save yourself from possible complications in the middle ear.Injuries.We hope that prudent behavior on vacation will save you from serious injury.But circumcised with a razor, scratched on a thorn or foot rub everyone can.As the traffic is very convenient antiseptic medical pen impregnated with iodine or brilliant green.And of dressings - adhesive strips bactericidal.

stress. situations in which you have very nervous, most likely you can avoid.But sometimes even minor troubles could.

unsettle.To relieve stress, keep on hand a mild sedative, made on the basis of well-known all herbs - valerian, St. John's wort, motherwort.It is useful to you in the case of sleep disorders due to the abrupt change of time zones.

Motion sickness. If you badly transfer boat trips or flights, but avoid them on vacation you do not succeed, take a special medicine for motion sickness.For prevention of this phenomenon are well suited drugs having both antihistamine, antiemetic and sedative action.They are sold without a prescription, you just need to consult with a pharmacist.

allergic reaction. Even if you've never been exposed to this scourge, take a vacation any antihistamine.Who knows, what if you suddenly manifest allergic to coconut milk or flowers tiara?In addition, skin reactions may occur from exotic insect bites.But not to bring to this, it is best put in the travel bag repellent, repellent volatile saboteurs.

Attributes "sweet life". If you go on vacation to have fun to the maximum, sure to bring two more pharmacies means: one - protivozatochnoe second - hangover.