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How good and cheap to rest in Ukraine

Selecting destinations

Voyage should exclude stress factors, hateful in everyday life.If you are tired of traffic jams, in a bus tour of the big cities is better not to go abroad.In the many conversations with people?Discard the popular resorts in favor of lesser-known and more quiet places of rest.

Tickets, money, documents

first thing you need to put in the bag - the necessary "paper".Trinity better worry about in advance.The money is usually set aside for holidays.Good time to buy a ticket - for peace of mind and economy.Travel documents for the bus to come pre-sale 15 days before the intended date of departure, the train - 45 on the plane - in a few months.

From the documents needed a passport for adults and children - birth certificate.Traveling abroad with a child?We'll have to issue him a travel document for children (14 years, he is required), or enter the child in the passport (if at the time of or during the trip it will be five years there should be pasted his picture).In the case

of child traveling with only one parent, you need to execute and notarize permission from the other parent to leave a baby abroad.


before and postotpusknoy syndrome - treacherous.First in anticipation of future benefits does not collect his thoughts, and the second prevents join the work schedule.Therefore, prior to departure and after arrival is best left for two days off for relaxing fees, purchase items and to recover from the travel adventures.


Many women, before they go on vacation, ask yourself the question, how good and cheap to rest in Ukraine.The longer route is, the harder the body to adapt to the new conditions, water, food, time zone.To sleepiness and fatigue did not follow the large shadow, adaptogens help: infusion lemongrass, ginseng, Eleutherococcus.They should not take when leaving the train (bus, plane), and during the month before the departure of 15-20 drops in the morning and before dinner.


Before leaving his native walls need to turn off all electrical appliances from the network, turn off the tap, close the windows and doors.Washer door should be left ajar, so that it is not an unpleasant smell.Follow all of the recommendations?Leave not bring trouble and completely restore your strength.

SPA-hotels Ukraine

rest, healthier, prettier - it's all easy to implement on the SPA-Resort (this type of holiday is very popular).And not necessarily to go to Ukraine for the end of the world to put in order the body and the soul, because the beauty farm in Ukraine in no way inferior to their Western "brothers"!

Villa "Spa Cabin»

this SPA-center is located in Truskavets.Neighborhoods resemble lush green island - with an exclusive swimming pool for hydro and air massage, Roman steam bath with aromas of the Carpathian herbs, salt grotto, rooms for aromatherapy and a variety of massage techniques.The choice is immense beauty treatments: deep cleansing using fitoaromaticheskih oils or anti-aging program with marine collagen, express slimming cellulite using elastomaski, drainage massage or body wraps kriolosonom.

use of "natural elixir" of local mineral springs and aromasekretov, personal selection of an effective program.


SPA-complex in Ukraine, Truskavets, in which new technologies of domestic balneology and physiotherapy are combined with the latest achievements of medicine.Local waters are miniralnoy treat gastrointestinal disease, kidney, liver and biliary tract, reduced metabolism and soothe the nerves.To maintain the vitality - stone therapy, Tall soterapiya, aromatherapy, Thermo SPA Concerto (recovery system for vita-energy), alpha-capsule Dermalife SPA-JetTM, Hydrofusion, music therapy, infrared heat, vibration massage, myostimulation rooms, vacuum and pressure therapy.

Treatment and rehabilitation of water from the mineral springs, plus crystal clear air!

Palmira Palace Resort & amp;SPA

hotel is located in a park at the residence of Prince Dmitry Konstantinovich in the village of Cour-Pata near Yalta.It offers guests expert advice and diagnosis of health reserves (including ayurvedic), physiotherapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound, vakuumterapiya, low-frequency currents, inhalation.Center of balneology and mud therapy offers thalasso wraps, stone therapy, cosmetic facial and body massages.

combination of wellness programs in Ukraine with aesthetic pleasure and exciting excursions and walks by the sea on a yacht.


Sanatorium Ukraine is close to Uman."Menu": mineral baths (radon, hydro-ozone, turpentine, iodine-bromine, pearl, pine, electroplating, vortex), curative shower (circular, Charcot, Laser, ascending), mud wraps (based on the healing dirt Kuyal'nitskogo estuary).And on the "dessert" - improvement in the office speleotherapy.Especially effective salt therapy in chronic respiratory diseases, asthma, allergies, and various immunodeficiency states.

can tidy up the work of all body systems and solve problems with his back.

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