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Power: breastfeeding

Breastfeeding , not just a meal for a child, is a kind of invisible connection to the nursing mother.After all, when a woman puts baby to the breast, pipsqueak smell and touch, and it allows you to feel safe.While still in the womb, the baby remembers his mother, at the subconscious level, by smell, voice.Not for nothing, even when a very small child picks up a stranger, he begins to cry, and when the baby in the arms of my mother, he calms down.This is the simplest example of the subconscious mind of the child is not a myth.Such examples are an infinite number, but not the point, most importantly, my mother knows that the child and the need to be able to provide everything you need.

Physiological positive factors talk about the benefits of breastfeeding.Since breast milk is the most appropriate and useful "product" for babies.Unquestionably, any work for the gastrointestinal tract of newborns, at the beginning of life's journey can not take place smoothly.Since the internal organs even infants

are not adapted to such a complex process.After all, with all the functions of child-bearing fulfilled my mother's digestive system.The child receives all necessary materials and components through the placenta, and now you need to perform all the work to the baby.But neonatal bodies not yet completely developed and are easily influenced by harmful substances.In order to avoid negative impacts, mother should take care of their diet, since breast-feeding woman eats for two, in the sense that what mom eats, eats, and the baby.

nursing mother should stick to your diet, especially strongly in the first months after birth.Then, gradually add to your diet new products.A necessary component of daily nutrition nursing mother should be vitamins, micro and macro elements, minerals and so on.Various foods will provide all necessary.Vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat, fish.It is better to prepare all for a couple is to get rid of excess cholesterol and retain more vitamins.It should eliminate all kinds of smoked meats, as they can cause an allergic reaction.

In today's environment poor, is a consequence of the increase in cases of allergies in infants.To avoid such a disease, it is advisable not to provoke a reaction, and not to use products such as strawberries, if not strange, condensed milk, fruits that do not grow in your country.As for the transportation of perishable products using harmful substances.
Whatever it was, every mother knows what is best for the child, consciously or unconsciously, but seeks to protect his child in every sense.Whether you're breast-feeding, family problems, environment, or social circle.And no matter how many years a child, two or twenty, for his mother left the child a boy or a girl for life.What matters is that from birth to adulthood, children feel love, care and affection of their parents.

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