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What spices and seasonings can be added to children's meals?

tasty without salt.

Scarce still fed only breast milk or formula.Believe me, taste new foods (vegetables, fruits, cereals) and so is quite saturated, because the baby taste buds are very sensitive, not spoiled by sharp spices and salt.Because salt is not only enrich the taste of food and spoil it.Besides the salt found in many foods that come in kid menu (bread, cheese, butter) - pipsqueak with them getting enough of this mineral.But if your children's meals all the same seem too fresh, and you can not resist the temptation of their season, replacing salt with lemon or cranberry juice.It will make food taste more expressive, useful enrich vitamin C. The salt in the diet of a child must be introduced gradually and in small quantities, because it creates an excess of unnecessary strain on the kidneys and can cause a number of health problems.You think that is not salted insufficiently delicious dishes and the child does not want to eat them, but because the kid had never tried these dishes are salt

ed and does not compare.

with garlic

Garlic is considered to be a natural antibiotic because it has antibacterial properties.Therefore, in the autumn winter garlic must be present in the diet of the child (but in small quantities), to protect the baby from possible infections.Garlic can be added to cottage cheese and olive oil, which you fill salads with fresh cooked vegetables, use as a seasoning for meat.Add the garlic to the soup or steamed vegetables.To soften the sharp taste and smell of garlic, do not let it in raw form, and adds boiled and stewed dishes at the end of cooking.True during heat treatment chesnochek loses some valuable substances, but its taste and smell become less pronounced.

Fragrant herbs.

added to the children's meals fragrant herbs.Very useful parsley, it strengthens the hair, improves their appearance.Dill beneficial effects on the intestine, it helps to remove gases.Parsley and dill can be added to salads, soups, vegetable and meat dishes.Do not forget about the basilica - it prevents swelling, relieves inflammation and spasms.Suitable basil almost everything: meat, fish, steamed vegetables, salads.Children's meals can also be seasoned with thyme, ginger, cumin, cloves, bay leaf, star anise, marjoram and vanilla.

to fresh herbs, which you add to baby food, preserved as much as possible nutrients and do not lose their delicious flavor, add them to the food after the cooking, or at least in the last stage of cooking.And the best food Sprinkle chopped fresh herbs just before serving.

Carefully chemistry.

In no case do not give your child foods that contain artificial flavors, preservatives, colorings, flavor enhancers.These substances can cause allergic reactions and abdominal pain.As a rule, they are contained in sausages, confectionery long-term storage, chips, crackers, sodas.Try to protect your baby from these products.As it is impossible to feed the baby factory of canned meat or fish, which are not intended for baby food.

slightly sweet.

Many dishes, including meat can be seasoned with honey.It contains enzymes that make life difficult for microorganisms.Unfortunately, honey is a potent allergen, so be careful to enter it in the diet of a baby.Year-old child can be given no more honey teaspoon a day.Also, children can get acquainted with the sweet taste of cinnamon.This seasoning is very useful: it improves digestion, increases appetite, helps with diarrhea.

Useful dried fruits.

Many dishes (such as meat and dessert) will be tastier and healthier if they add raisins, prunes, dried apricots.Dried apricots, for example, is a rich source of potassium and fiber, it helps cleanse the body, strengthens the immune system.Raisin improves peristalsis.