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Power Mode and children from one year to two

Changes diet depends largely on changes in the daily routine of the child.

To properly feed the baby, you need to know that the food is in the stomach of the child at age one is about 4 hours.This fact has become fundamental in the preparation of the child's daily menu.Number of feedings after the declining years to 4 times a day, the time interval between meals - about 4 hours.

Breakfast child from one to two years should be 25% of the daily requirement of food, lunch - 30-35%, lunch - 15-20%, dinner - 25%.

It is best to feed the child at certain times.Crisp diet produces durable food crumbs reflex - by a certain time begin to produce digestive juices, there is a feeling of hunger.This provides a good appetite child, the normal functioning of the digestive system.If a child eats each time at a different time, the gastric juice produced out of time, irritate the stomach lining, child's appetite decreases, there are problems with digestion.

Some loose or premature babies aged one to two years still n

eed further feeding the fifth - in 24 hours, or 6 hours.Typically, they wake up at that time themselves.

main rule of the right baby food - do not give your child sweets and even fruit between meals.Sweets and fruits should be part of lunch or an afternoon snack, but in no case should not replace main meal.

During the day, pay attention to the distribution of food.In the morning, the child must have meat dishes, in the middle of the day - milk-vegetarian food at the end of the day - cereal, fruit.Remember that during the day the baby should receive the necessary amount of liquid for his age.For children from one to three, the amount is 100 ml liquid per 1 kg of body weight.

important factor shaping the normal neural activity - well-organized daily routine and feeding regime.

The process of feeding a child should have, and educational purposes.Toddler need to teach yourself is at first a liquid diet, and then thick, it should be understood that you need to eat carefully, only from his plate.The 1 year child should understand what a cup, spoon, mug.In the process of feeding is necessary to help the child and slowly finish feeding him after he got yourself tired.

Pose baby during meals should be comfortable and convenient, children's furniture - a safe and suitable for growth.

Furnishings in the kitchen during the meal should be calm, nothing should distract the child's attention from the food.The fact that a child should be beautifully decorated, it was nice to have a child.Make sure that both the baby eats, do not force force him to eat what he wants.If during a meal kid asks to drink, give him some water.

To increase appetite kid who does not eat, it is possible to walk before the meal.Such walks, increase appetite, should be calm and short-lived, without energetic games.

Nutrition baby determined the correct menu.The menu should be varied and contain the required amount of nutrients.The variety of the menu is reached also by a wide range of dishes that can be prepared from the same ingredients.For example, beef liver for children aged one to two years, you can cook the following dishes: goulash, meatballs, Beef Stroganoff, rolls, cold soufflé, potato gratin, etc. pechonochnuyu. Garnish meat dishes - vegetables, cereals, pasta.It is better to prepare the complex side dishes, salads.Promote better digestion sauce, served to dishes.However, it should be excluded from the children's menu hot and spicy condiments, strong tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa.