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Vitamins and minerals in the diet of baby

And if some of them will be missed, the body's defense system may fail and then crumb sick.Vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates needed another child because he is in the stage of intensive physical and mental development.And they are necessary for the normal flow of these processes.Why not offer daily malyutke same products (even very useful).Only if the baby will be diverse diet, the child receives all the necessary nutrients.Among them:


Iron is part of hemoglobin.A hemoglobin "transports" the oxygen in our body.If it is not enough, our cells and tissues do not get enough oxygen.There hypoxia and anemia.If the child's body does not have enough iron, the required components do not fall into the notch of the body.To toddler has received a sufficient number of trace elements, give him meat, including red, where most iron, fish, eggs, beans, broccoli, oatmeal, dried fruit, parsley, spinach and lettuce.Iron is best absorbed in conjunction with vitamin C. It is therefore import

ant to properly combine foods.For example, bring a meat dish with a salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with fresh lemon juice.


Zinc is necessary for the proper functioning of the body's immune system.With the help of antibodies are formed in the body.Also zinc is involved in the development of bones, hair and healthy skin.Zinc is also necessary for the speedy healing of wounds, the regulation of blood pressure and heart rate.With his lack of a child may have problems with appetite, it can often get sick.Zinc is found in pumpkin, almonds, nuts, lean meat, fish, cereals (especially buckwheat), milk, vegetables and chicken eggs.


role of calcium for the growing child's body can not be overemphasized.The need for this element in children under five years of age is 800 mg per day.99% of the calcium in the concentrated growing bones child and only 1% - in the blood and soft tissues.To replenish the body's calcium baby, offer him dairy products, spinach, parsley, seafood, liver, fish, cabbage, celery, currants.Try to keep these foods as often as possible fall into the bowl toddler.


With a lack of minerals in the body, there is a decrease in immunity, inflammation appears on the skin.Magnesium is also needed for bone formation, is involved in the metabolism, affects the functioning of the heart.Magnesium is necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system.Sources of magnesium are cereals (buckwheat, wheat, rye, barley, millet).


play a significant role in the water-salt metabolism, maintains a constant composition of biological fluids in the body.Potassium-rich legumes, potatoes (especially liver), cabbage, carrots, greens, raisins, prunes, dried apricots.


It is a mineral necessary for normal child growth and development of bone tissue.It takes part in the exchange of proteins and fats.Contained in egg yolks, meat, fish, cheese, oatmeal and buckwheat porridge, beans.


Without this mineral can not produce antibodies.Selenium is found in baked goods from wheat flour, cereals, onions garlic, liver.But the assimilation of selenium need vitamin E. Its Sources - nuts, almonds, vegetable oils.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is important for the immune system, since it increases the defenses of the body's own interferon against various infectious agents.Vitamin A also protects against free radicals sensitive thymus - "headquarters" of the immune system.Vitamin A is necessary for normal vision.This vitamin is present in the liver (fish and beef), egg yolk, butter, carrots, pumpkin, parsley, red pepper, dill tomatoes, lemon, raspberry and peach.But remember, that vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamins.Therefore, all foods containing vitamin A is necessary, if possible, use vegetable oil.

Vitamin C

He is involved in many vital processes of the body, it activates various enzymes, hormones, increases resistance to infections, reduces physical fatigue.Vitamin C rich rosehip berries and chokeberry, raspberries, cherries, cherry, currant, onions, radishes, parsley, sauerkraut, lemon.

B vitamins

regulates the operation of the nervous system, improving the transmission of nerve impulses and perception (needs students and children with high intellectual fatigue).Vitamin B12 increases the oxygen consumption of cells in acute and chronic hypoxia, strengthens the immune system.If the body of this vitamin deficiency or have problems with its absorption, it may be severe anemia.As a result - poor assimilation of food, constipation, chronic fatigue, irritability, depression, drowsiness, headaches and other troubles.Vitamin B12 is found: in beef liver, beef kidney, heart, crab, egg yolk, beef, cheese, milk.

Natural antibiotics

They inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and strengthen the immune system.It has strong antibacterial properties honey (especially lime and honeydew).But remember, it's a sweet treat - a strong allergen that should be very carefully administered in the diet of a child, starting with very small doses.It is also necessary to offer crumbs onions and garlic (but little by little, as these foods can cause digestive problems).Add the onion and garlic in salads, meat vegetable dishes.And with severe symptoms of colds at the child offer him a syrup of honey and onions.Mix onion juice and liquid honey in the ratio 1: 1.Come on baby, this medicinal syrup 3-4 times a day for 1 teaspoon (for the older toddler years).


stimulate the production of antibodies and strengthens the mucous membranes (throat, nose, bronchi).Omega-3sodezhatsya in fish, olive oil.1-2 times a week is offering baby food from sea and river fish.


stimulates the bowels, normalizes its microflora, displays the body of toxic elements, beneficial effects on liver function.To ensure the baby adequate amounts of fiber, take care of that in a diet crumbs necessarily present the following products: fresh fruits and vegetables, a variety of cereals, pastries, wholemeal bread and bran.


This beneficial bacteria in the gut that blow in the fight against pathogens: inhibit proliferation of harmful bacteria, strengthen the immune system, involved in the production of vitamins (B12, folic acid) and the process of digestion.Probiotics are recommended during treatment with antibiotics, when the child's body is weakened.They contain in kefir, yogurt, Narine, fermented milk drinks


a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria.A distinctive feature of prebiotics - their ability to penetrate into the large intestine and provoke there the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora.They contain bananas, asparagus, onions, in many fruits and in breast milk (100 liters - 2 c. Prebiotics).

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