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Fruit and vegetable puree for your baby

Although, according to modern views on the problem of the introduction of complementary foods, the addition to the menu of fruit juices and purees recommended after vegetables and cereals.Starting with the fruit to the world of "adult" food, bad kids then eat vegetables, or completely refuse from them. It is better to consult the pediatrician: where to start complementary feeding is your baby? But back to the topic of the article ...

How many !
All fruit and vegetable puree for your baby can be divided into two major groups: made in an industrial environment and home cooking. In today's complex environmental conditions, nutritionists strongly recommend to use a special children's menu, "canned" food tried and trustedmanufacturers.Bought in the market of fruit is not always environmentally friendly.And difficult it is to cook at home the product the desired consistency.Each method has its pros and cons.If you prefer canned food, meticulously study the information on the label, follow the terms of manuf
acture and expiry date (the past should not be too long).Also follow the information in the media (surely heard about seizures of substandard batches of baby food), are interested in information on the forums on the Internet, consult with experts you trust, and determine, therefore, its producer.

Chew, chew, swallow!
Where to start?Mashed potatoes are monocomponent (consisting of one kind of fruit) and multicomponent (two or more species).Preferably start with the first, the first pick an apple, then pear, plum, banana, peach, apricot puree.Then you can offer crumbs of two kinds of mashed potatoes already "familiar" fruit. Do not forget to always carefully monitor the baby's reaction to a particular product. Also, keep in mind that banana and blueberry fix the intestines, and apples, pears and especially apricots, peachesplums - laxative. Fruit and vegetable puree for your baby may not fit. But do not be too pushy - did not want mashed potatoes with apple, offer him a pumpkin or squash.

Zubki already have?
Puree differ in degreeMilling: homogenized (homogeneous, do not require chewing, for children 4-6 months), finely ground (for babies 6-9 months) and krupnoizmelchennye (for children older than 9 months).
Additional components
If you prepare mashed potatoes themselves are unlikely exceptfruits you something else to put. But industrial food sometimes contains additional components that give the sauce a thick consistency (starch, rice or semolina flour, pectins).
Combining tastes
baby food manufacturers offer a variety of options puree.

Fruit and vegetable purees to your baby is very tasty.Most often it is a combination of apples, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini.These goodies will gently introduce ration baby vegetables, if he refuses them in pure form.They are less sweet, but rich in fiber and vitamins.

Fruit and cereal puree
addition to fruits include cereals - oats, rice, buckwheat or semolina flour, and starch.This mashed fruit exceeds the energy value, but for the assimilation of this product requires sufficient maturity of the digestive system.This puree for babies over 7 months.

Fruit and dairy mashed
is a mixture of fruit with yogurt, cottage cheese, cream.Usually also contain excipients (little flour or starch).As with previous embodiments, they are usually enriched with ascorbic acid and like mashed with cereal component, have a significantly higher nutritional value as a source of protein and fat.Their introduction in the diet delayed until 7-8 months.

Under the ban
desserts treats child with a complex composition comprising in addition to the above components, various thickeners, sugar, flavorings better as late as possible.Try to hold out at least until the year!As for all kinds of sweets in the usual sense - any sweets, pastries, cakes, creams, chocolate, Eastern sweets - getting to know them better to postpone up to 3 years.Of course, in reality it does not always get to sustain the recommended norm - are often grandmothers, aunts, sosedushki who are trying by all means "to bestow" your baby's cherished "gingerbread".At first, the kids are usually discarded without realizing it, but the day will come when your child eats the forbidden fruit and then ... But who besides you will also observe children's health?Therefore, without a strict ban, gently try to avoid sharp corners, limiting the amount of sweet, offering something more useful, such as dried fruit, candied fruit, jam, and fruit pieces can be neatly wrapped in the same bright and colorful wrappers.
Let the kid some water washes down any sweetness if rather weak tea - a children's tooth decay develops rapidly and affects the rudiments of permanent teeth.Be resourceful and persistent!

When preparing mashed themselves ...
1. You must make sure that the fruits are not treated with pesticides and various other chemicals.
2. Choose the best fruits, without a single speck or defect.
3. Wash, cleaned, to grind the fruit better immediately before cooking and feeding the baby.
4. The finished sauce may be refrigerated up to 2 hours.
5. Follow the rules of hygiene when preparing food baby.
6. Fruit wash, pour over boiling water, peel.
7. Better steamed or pour boiling water and cook, covered.
8. Do not cook the fruit for a long time, just until tender, otherwise you will lose a lot of vitamins and minerals.
9. Wipe the fruit through a sieve, if necessary, 2 or even 3 times (or chop in a blender), add the broth, bringing the mash to desired consistency, allow to cool, and then enter the rest of the supplements of your choice (eg, milk, cottage cheese).
10. Be sure to invent funny names of their dishes - is interested in crumbs and it will tuck into your cooking with great pleasure!

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