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Methods of feeding for the baby's health

There is only conjectural variations in the form of tables, compiled by researchers from the Academy of Medical Sciences, carts, ESPGHAN (European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition), of which every mother can choose the lure that suits her baby.

danger early introduction

gastrointestinal tract, getting not adapted for his age, food, work in extreme conditions.And at the time of physiological stress (illness, hormonal changes) corny breaks, rewarding the child a bunch of diseases as gastritis, pancreatitis, problems with the intestinal mucosa, allergies and skin troubles.


believed that only a year after the introduction of the first methods of feeding for the baby's health, gastrointestinal tract baby is able to respond adequately to the family gatherings at the table.

Gives cow calf milk ...

good mix of complementary foods did not exist, so the kids and fed cow's milk.It is programmed by nature for feeding the calf and not a human baby.Thanks to mode

rn methods of the present feeding for the baby's health, mother feel confident giving your child a healthy diet.

How would you neither claimed that the difference between a child fed with breast milk, and "bottle-" No, do not believe.

What are allergic, many mothers do not need to explain: rashes, excessive dryness or, conversely, wetting, redness of the skin.Skin manifestations - but a reflection of the internal problems, so kids with allergies suffer intestinal colic, frequent regurgitation, constipation alternating with loose stools.Children with this disorder are diagnosed with "intestinal dysbiosis".The reasons that led to this failure of the immune system, weight.


early complementary feeding When the pancreas is severely strained baby, producing enzymes for digestion.This can lead to indigestion and diathesis

Caught old rules

The first and perhaps the most dangerous delusion - to start a first technique for feeding the baby's health with juices.The juice contains sugar - it is they who do not need such a little man (and if canned juices, so there is generally no vitamins for which they are introduced, and as a complement to breast milk).

Late problems: natural lure

In practice, this visibility is not for everyone kiddies.Russian pediatricians and recommendations often do not have time for research of European scientists.Set the correct diet, and the lure should be the first day of manifestation techniques for feeding the baby's health.

before meals and after visit the bathroom.Like this ritual!Then, when the child turns 3 years old, he did not hesitate to go to wash the apple fell to the floor.Wash your hands - it's elementary rules of hygiene, fear crumbs from various infections.

demonstrates the value of food regardless of your income.The child should know that the dish appeared on the plate, you had to spend a lot of effort.Limit Serving Size baby - even better ask for supplements than unwillingly will be picked in the full plate.Excess food will never throw in the trash in front of the child - fold in the bag, and when you go for a walk, and lodged birds or dogs.Learn from the child's first birthday teach him to cultural nutrition, healthy lifestyle without harm to their health.