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Expressing milk after feeding

To enhance lactation, how often to decant? To enhance lactation should decant a few times a day, in between feedings.Try at the same time to express her milk all.And do not worry about that chubby little boy nothing left to feed.Milk comes in the chest on the principle of "demand creates demand", so that the child will not stay hungry.But still, just before feeding themselves decant not worth it.

How long can you keep your milk in the fridge? not more than two days.By the way, experts say that in the freezer refrigerator ordinary milk stand for about two weeks, and in the freezer steady - even up to a year.But the storage container with the milk must be very tightly closed.Be sure to write the date on the container to express milk.

Better decant manually or by using a breast pump? Watching how often you express.If you do not too often, but from time to time - this can be done by hand.But when decant accounts for almost all the time, it is better to buy a breast pump.
If there was stagnation of milk
, whether to decant to the last drop?Not necessary.Decant in this case as long as the chest is soft.

In some cases, you need to express milk necessary and when you can do without it?If you do not have any problems with lactation, the baby sucks and eats well, and you are all the time at the baby, then decant was no need.But there are three situations in which no pumping is necessary.
situation first.You will need at some time absent himself from home, and you do not want the child was fed at this time mix.In this case, you will need to express her milk at the rate of 150 one feeding.
second situation.You want to enhance lactation, because I feel that you have enough milk and the child eats so many do not.
third situation.You hurt and uncomfortable because the breast is full, or you hit upon solidification and feel pain.

What should be kept expressed breast milk? is best suited for this purpose, special bottles or plastic bags, and for this purpose (you can find them at a drugstore or specialty store).But if you do not have these capacities, you can do quite ordinary glass jars.Naturally, they should be very well washed, sterilized and carefully wiped dry.In no case do not use for washing children's bottles and bottles of all kinds of chemicals for washing dishes.You may well be able to get by hook or hot water and boiling.
Should I boil your milk before giving it to your child?

this is not necessary.It will be enough just a little to warm milk.To do this, you can buy a special heater.If there is none, take a pan with hot water and place it in a container of milk.To check the temperature of the milk, drip it on your wrist.If it is body temperature - which means that it is possible to give crumbs.In no case do not try to milk out of the bottle - your child germs to anything.