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How to choose baby food

also have food with the words «stage 2" and «stage 3 '.Such food is intended for children six months into fulfillment, it is already well accustomed to solid food.If your baby is more accustomed to solid food, then you should buy the power «stage 1" - a mash completely crushed.Power «stage 2" thicker, and «stage 3» is caught small lumps.When purchasing a product, be sure to check the expiry date food as well as tightness of the package.When you open the jars with food need to heed: you should hear some characteristic whistling sound.

If you are interested in food ingredients, do not worry, in almost all foods salt is no longer used.In spite of this, try to avoid buying food with the addition of sugar and starch.You should buy the food, which contains only one ingredient until you are sure that your child brings positive this ingredient, and only then you can move on to food that contains several ingredients.For example: you need to feed in the early pea mixture before feeding the baby with a mixture of

cooked peas and potatoes.

Do I need to buy organic baby food?

Some parents feed children with organic food, although it is much more expensive than usual.They try to ensure that the child food that does not contain harmful chemicals.But some believe that infant formula sold in pharmacies and stores, fully complies with all norms.Buy or net you decide, you will need to take into account the family's budget, but does not exclude fruit and vegetable mixture from the diet of your baby.

it possible to prepare their own baby food instead of buying it at the store?

Of course, you can prepare meals using ingredients razlichn6ye, spreading their baby formula, breast milk or water.Preparing a mash should be thoroughly crush food ingredients and bring to desired consistency your baby mix.To store the remaining power, it is desirable to use special.containers in which it is convenient to freeze food.

How long can you keep an open jar of baby food?

to this question can be found a few answers.First, residues of mixtures of meat with vegetables, meat, or simply may be stored in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.Meals with fruits and vegetables can be stored for 2-3 days.Sometimes, the label indicates the shelf life of open cans.Second, you can freeze meat baby food for 1-2 months, and frozen food fruits and vegetables in general are kept for six months.But then the power significantly thickens that should be considered.

When storing food in the refrigerator should consider that before feeding need to postpone the necessary amount of the mixture into a container, otherwise, if you'll zachёrpyvat food straight from the jar, the product may deteriorate due to the ingress of bacteria.Feed the baby, get rid of the remnants of the mixture on a plate.If you suddenly left in a jar food, tightly close the lid and the next time in the fridge.

safe to heat up baby food in a microwave oven?

Be careful when heating food in a microwave oven, t. To. Food is heated very quickly and often may contain so-called "hot spots."So much better food on the stove to warm up.If you decide to reheat food in the microwave oven (microwave), put in the right amount of specials.dishes and heated very slightly.Thereafter, mix well and allow to cool for one minute.Before feeding the baby, try a mixture of themselves.It should be about room temperature.

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