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How to increase the appetite of the baby

lot or a little?

There are age norms growth, weight and volume of food, but do not take them as absolute.The desire to "feed" the kid what he "should" eat, can discourage the appetite for long.If the baby is developing successfully, if he healthy hair and teeth, smooth clear skin - all in order.

your actions

Do not insist that the child ate all that is necessary.If you feed your baby a healthy, diverse and biologically valuable food, his body will get everything you need.And being exposed to psychological pressure, be able to grasp even a little of what is eaten.

without pressing, and the regime

«My 1.5-year-old son wants nothing there - mom complains.- Raised synulya at 10.00, and even later.Breakfast is extended from 11.00 to 12.00.Lunch at 16:00, and after a dream he had a bad appetite. "It is not uncommon - the regime there, and laid the child sit at the table at different times - comes crashing in the development of gastric juices and digestive enzymes, and thus go astray and appetit

e.Indiscriminate food - the way to violations in the digestive system.Your actions.First you need to build a dream.Lay crumbs in bed in one and the same time, ideally 21 hours.Be patient.In the next step, set the morning "wake-up" and breakfast. During the week, in the morning, you can give your child the different cereals. Use whole grains - they preserved the structure of protein and many vitamins. A couple of hours after breakfast crumbs give fruit, berries or fruit juice.If the breakfast was light, offer a vegetable dish, cottage cheese or a sandwich.

Many parents are wondering how to increase appetite in the baby. Lunch is good to start with a spoon or two of salad or raw vegetable puree. Then soup (50-60 ml tothere was a place for the second course, every day is different.) And a few sips of compote without sugar. All this is necessary to give crumbs to find out how to increase the appetite of the infant.

- yogurt, yogurt or yogurt with biscuit pieces. At dinner (no later than 19.00) - a vegetable dish or fish with mashed potato souffle. If a child is hungry before bedtime, is enough for a cup of sour milk drink or a little warm milk with honey.

Observe each meal, and the child will have time to appear appetite.Even if the baby has eaten quite a bit, the food will be digested well and benefit.

in sick days

There are also serious reasons for the lack of appetite.For example, when a child is sick, even if limited to a runny nose and cough.The patient refuses to eat?

your actions

Do not kid persuade or coerce eat.Cook compote, broth hips, beverages raspberry, cranberry, black currant broth.Poite baby little and often.As soon as he goes to the amendment, the appetite will return itself.

disease almost always leads to inhibition of enzyme systems, digestion and so in the recovery period can be difficult.It should be sparing diet, which is better absorbed.If earlier the child ate large chunks of food, now must grind the meat and vegetables are given in the form of puree.Very useful cheese and other dairy products.

sweet temptation

Send crumbs to stay with family or invite a nurse, and put her duty to feed the baby ... certainly in your absence.

child's appetite is also largely depends on the food that gives him the mother.Not all the children, for example, love has porridge or drink any beverage that they do not like.The baby is easier to teach is what you ate as a child and an older child - real problem!

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