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Buy a playpen for baby

Why arena?

well-chosen arena - an indispensable and very useful thing, especially when a child learns to walk and crawl.Studying his home in the smallest detail, chubby little boy will face many dangers.Parents have to hide many things to plug sockets and literally walk for young researcher on the heels to protect it.The baby can be an arena for some time without adult supervision.The use of the arena will allow mom to do household chores, or at least to attempt, without fear that the beloved child will come to the table and upset the plate.

Some moms and dads and grandparents mistakenly believe that with equal success can be applied cot: scribble plenty of toys and a makeshift arena is ready.But it is not.A cot in any case can not be used as a playpen.And there are several reasons:

- children's hands and feet can get stuck in the bars of the crib;

- while playing the baby could fall and hit his head on a wooden lattice;

- bed should be associated with the baby calm and sweet sleep;

- baby Tired of staying in bed, begins to act up and demand her mother's attention.

Arena specifically designed so that parents are able to leave the baby alone, not being careful for his safety.But if you think that is more important to buy the arena more than an adult than a child, then you are mistaken.The thing is that the child, in addition to motor activity and develop its muscular system, are necessary and quiet sessions with toys that promote the development of fine motor skills and understanding of the structure of things.

Many parents argue that crawl on the floor gives the child the opportunity to do two things simultaneously: to move actively and playing with their favorite toys.But it is doubtful whether these parents will refute the fact that even well-scrubbed floor hygienic enough for the baby.But most importantly - in the arena, you can leave your child without a diaper to delicate skin a rest from diapers and ventilate.So, buy a playpen just need to use it:

• home if mom and baby need to trace and eat cook and clean the house;

• outside and away, where arena will be not only a safe place to play, and an infant sleeping place;

• the country where quite difficult to trace the child and found him safe and at the same time an interesting place.

What are the arenas?

first playpens were made of wood.Now they take their place playpens made of synthetic materials, which instead of bulky wooden railing stretched mesh and soft bumpers that protect the baby from injury.

The most common form is a rectangular arenas.But also there are square, round, triangular or even playpens - this form allows you to put a playpen in the corner, which is important in the case of small apartments.A separate category of arenas - playpen bed - a device that performs the function immediately cribs and playpens.

Almost all models have a folding design arenas, to make them easier to transport.Current models are not only folding ledges, but they themselves are formed on the basis of fully book or an umbrella.There is a special category of arenas that are well folded and weigh no more than 8 kg.Such arenas convenient to take with to the country or to visit.

Select playpen

decision to purchase accepted arena.On what to pay attention to the purchase did not bring disappointment?

1. Of paramount importance is the stability of the structure.Parents need to understand that the harder the arena, the harder it will be to turn.

2. Manege should be high enough so that the baby could not get over it and fall.Take note: the standard height of skirting arenas of modern models of 70, 75 and 80 cm. But there are instances height of 110 cm, which is not something that is not vypadesh, but the TV does not see.

3. Arena should be large enough so that the child does not feel awkward.Only then it will contribute to the development of perseverance and the emergence of interest in toys.Please note that your child will be much more comfortable in an arena the size of 118x110, than models with dimensions 96x96 or 100x70.

4. Pay attention to the number, size and shape of the Manege handles.After all, they will help your child to climb.

5. Pay special attention to sides of the arena and a stretched mesh.They can help protect yourself from injuries, bruises and abrasions.

Professional Advice

Since the arena child spends sufficient time, then, before you buy it, it is important to know the opinion of experts, there is no harm to children's health.Allergists recommend to pay attention to the material from which made the arena, especially if a baby or someone from his family is prone to allergic reactions.Arena must be made of eco-friendly and well-washable material.Arena should be regularly aired and cleaned with a damp cloth.Otherwise on the grid arena and its bottom will collect dust, which can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of eyelids and eyeballs.

According to ophthalmologists, playpen should be selected coarse mesh, since staying in an arena with a fine mesh will have a load on the eye muscles.Do not buy playpens with mesh or bright pattern on it.Grid color should be white or cream.

Doctors agree that the total length of stay of the baby in the arena should not exceed 1.5 hours a day.Duration of a single stay in the arena should not exceed half an hour.With the growth and development of the child's parents are less likely to have recourse to the arena.

Everything is good in moderation

Arena - a device very good and necessary, but they should not be abused.Permanent seat in the arena infant unacceptable.Arena should be used only when there is a need for time to leave the kid alone, for example, go to the kitchen to cook him dinner.

observations psychologists have shown that if too much to take care of and protect her baby, leaving him permanently in a crib or playpen, the child feels like a prisoner - the same narrow field of action and the same scant communication with people.

contrast, those kids who crawl on their own throughout the apartment under the watchful eyes of mothers, get a huge field of research and a lot of objects with different properties.As a result, kids are much overtaking in the development of those children who have had a long time to sit in the arena.

The experiment

As they say, better to see once than hear a hundred times.You can arbitrarily long story about the importance of buying the arena for an infant, they argue endlessly about the dangers and benefits, until the end and not found out all its advantages and disadvantages.Clearly see the need to purchase an arena or meaninglessness of his own to help purchase a playpen.Take it rented at least for a month and you will see how your baby responds to the new acquisition.All at once will fall into place.

course, parents restless child is very problematic for their uglyadet robber and cope with all the chores around the house.The only way out in this situation - a playpen.However, an adult should always remember that the child should remain in the arena only as long as it is interesting there.Otherwise, the arena becomes a place of punishment and confinement.Do not worry, worldly wisdom and love to the baby to help find you the middle ground.


• Do not place an infant in a playpen large volumetric toys with which he can get out and fall.

• Do not leave a baby in a playpen with mesh slightly dropped, otherwise it could become entangled in it or fall out of the arena.

• Do not let the kid rocking arena.

• In no case do not leave your child in the arena, if there are holes in the grid, even if small.The child will not be difficult to tear the net and out of incarceration, while you will be confident in the safety of his child.

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