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He knows and is able to baby in the first month of life

So he knows and knows how the baby in the first month of life?

first days and even weeks newborn sleeps most of the day, he wakes up only when hungry or wet.By the second week of life the baby can lie quietly with eyes open.At this time the baby's first contact with the surrounding environment.You can help him in this, for example, is to try to teach the baby to consider items.At this age it is very difficult to do, since he is not able to fix on an object.But if you hang over the crib to hang bright and beautiful toys, baby will gradually learn to stop her eyes.You should not hang over the crib full of toys, so your child will be more difficult to observe and focus.

After birth, many young mothers are afraid that the baby is often squint.In fact, this phenomenon is observed in almost all babies, it will disappear as soon as the baby learns to look with both eyes simultaneously.In order for this to happen quickly, it is possible to focus on a child's toy bright, with its drive in the vertical and hori

zontal directions.If strabismus is observed constantly, this pathology.Also, infants may myopia.Myopia occurs because of the defeat of the eyeball or the visual analyzer.This diagnosis is confirmed by a medical examination of the fundus of the child.

What else knows and knows how the baby in the first month of life?

baby begins to respond to a loud, sharp sounds within 10 days after birth: freezes when the doorbell rings or turns on the radio.After 2 weeks after birth, the baby stops crying when talking to him gently, he learns to listen to the voice.At this time, for the development of the auditory sensations baby use various rattles, then placing it close, far away from the child.When doing a rattle watch the reaction of the child to its sounds.Subsequently, the kid heard the familiar sound of rattles, will try to find her eyes.By the 4th week the baby has to learn to turn his head at the sound of rattles.

month If a child does not respond to the sharp, loud sounds, it is said that he has hearing loss, he will not stop crying when the mother begins to calm him.Hearing loss is very common in premature babies, with malformation of the nervous system.

knowledge and skills of a baby in the first month of life is not limited hearing and sight.The child beginning to gain muscle strength, and in the first place - the cervical muscles.By the end of the first month of the baby, lying on his stomach, of all the forces trying to keep his head.At this time, it should be often put on the belly, since the first minute, gradually increasing the time.On the baby's stomach spread on a flat, hard surface that causes the child to strain your muscles.You can combine these exercises with air baths.At the end of the first month of a baby can hold the head in an upright position for a few seconds.

course, do not worry if your child a month is not holding the head in a completely vertical position.All of these abilities and skills highly individual.Someone possessed them before someone later.There is nothing to worry about.The main thing is that the baby was healthy, full and satisfied, then all the knowledge and skills he has mastered at the time it deems necessary.

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