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The development of a newborn baby, hearing and vision

first reaction to external stimuli formed the child, depending on his state of health and the conditions of his life.For example, some children in the first month of life can respond to sound rattles, a bright toy.At the same time they have to cease the movement of limbs, eyes and stopped for a while on the subject of attention.Kid eventually learns to respond to requests to him for a bell, a bright toy.

development of the child in the first month of life and is characterized by the fact that while feeding the baby stops look at the mother's face.Thus develops the child's vision.If during feeding mom talk to the kid, he probably will stop briefly look on her face, somewhere in the forehead and nose.At the end of the first month of life, the child is already able to watch a moving toy, his first look behind her, but soon the baby will learn to focus your mind, control vision.

next achievement in the development of the baby in the first month of life is that the sound of rattles baby will try to look to

find it.So is the development of hearing.Not always such achievements are a child in the first month, he often seizes them later, but if you help your child, create it with the necessary conditions for its development, the faster your crumb will grow and develop.

Even the smallest child in need of attention of adults, in their communication.With infants often need to talk, to sing his songs.Do not ignore him crying, take him in his arms, rocking, so the baby will always feel that you love him, he used to begin to develop the skills of communication that will bring to you, in turn, a great joy.What could be more wonderful than a month baby, looking you in the eye when you refer to it?

Only when the baby learn to look to contact with you, it will be addressed to you their emotions.Gradually, he will understand that the mother responds to his cries, and if before he shouted just in space, after he had learned to focus on the human face look, he will shout to you.When a child starts using the sight contact with the parents, then we can say that he is ready for the development of communication.

first smile of a child appears shortly after he learned to make eye contact.A smile can slip in the first days of the child's life, but that smile unconscious.Newborn can smile with his eyes closed.These smiles are called physiological.The first smile crumbs, which is accompanied by a look you in the eye, called the social, as it already addresses you positive emotions experienced by the baby.Smiling child can answer endearment to him adult in other cases.The first month of life - this is the so-called preparation for communion.

to develop hearing and sight of the kid, the kid wanted to chat, you need to talk to him more often.You can just read it, or describe it the qualities that he will have at a later age.You can talk to the kid anything, because at that time he still does not understand you.But the fact of the child acts favorably on the development of its communication needs, it calms the nervous system.Also in the first month of life should be to develop the visual skills of the child - if you see that the baby is lying with his eyes open, immediately tried to attract his attention to itself or to a bright toy.Call crumbs by name, smiled at him, do everything possible to eye contact lasted for as long as possible.

The baby developed normally, it should encourage merit.Let it is still quite small, even his first smile deserves encouragement.Praise your baby gentle words, pat him on the head, a calf.You can try to bring a smile to the crumbs on their own - affectionately call him by name and lightly pinch his cheek.

But do not insist on something, if you see that a child has a bad mood, he is hungry or sleepy.Communication should be offered, not imposed.Only in this case, the child will learn to communicate and to be active.

Almost simultaneously with the appearance of social smile, baby begins to smile at the sight of colorful toys.Children under one month is useful to put in the crib doll.First, let the baby will not pay it any attention, he soon begins to treat her with great interest.Children in the first month of life look out the window at the lamp on shiny objects.This develops the child's curiosity.

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