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How to teach a child to order and discipline

First of all, let's find out why you need to teach children to anything whatsoever?In the end, everyone is different, there are complete sluts, they live quite pleased with themselves."And here and there!" - Psychologists argue.There are at least a few reasons why you need to teach a child to care.Firstly, ORDER develop.Thinking the child is arranged in such a way that its development is done by ordering just what he sees.If he ever sees is chaos, then it slows down development.Secondly, we must learn to live with people.During the life of your child will have a lot of time provided in situations where you need to exist side by side with others.To inaccuracy did not prevent your child build a relationship with them, it is important to organize the life of his family.Psychologists have identified a number of principles that should be observed that the whole family has learned the rules of the hostel.

PRINCIPLE 1: Live and let live

The rules are simple: if you took something - Replace, if you do someth

ing OPEN - CLOSE and if

house someone is sleeping - do not make a noise ... Since childhood, you need to teach a child to care for themselves.

PRINCIPLE 2: Only positive emotions

Never punish a child for not too fanatical pursuit of cleaning.It would be ironic if he liked to scrub floors or wash dishes.

Do not force a child to engage in cleaning, he must ripen to this: "I put away because I like to be clean."

invent different scenarios for the cleaning of toys (such as stuffed toys go "on another planet" - in a box).

organize competitions (who put the toys in the box faster).

not prevent him to emulate.Any child is active by nature: it laid the instinct adult role models.That's why he rushes to help us or copy our actions.If at that moment he heard "Do not go!", "You're still a little" or "You do not get" this impulse will be nipped in the bud.And then you wonder why he's so lazy?Because it was necessary to seize the moment before, when he offered you his clumsy assistance.

PRINCIPLE 3: All you need to explain

You should not only serve your child a good example of dealing with things, but also to explain why you do it.Only then will the child support order is not mechanical, but quite consciously.

• Tell your child about the dust: it is harmful (in the dust live mites that cause allergies).

• Explain why it is necessary to put things in place: because otherwise at the right time, you will not find them.

• Why must we leave behind in the same form as it was (to close the door, do not throw open tube of toothpaste)?Because the other person, too, wants to take advantage of it, and it can be frustrating.

PRINCIPLE 4: Maintain order should be easy

course, no need to over-romanticize the process of targeting the home and bodily cleanliness: business is routine and hardly worth it to put on their lives.Therefore, you should try to make this an essential part of being present in your life to a minimum.Today, fortunately, this has a lot of ways.Organize your apartment to contain it in the order it was easy and pleasant:

• Do not use the coating and finishing, which collect dust (carpets, draperies);

• keep small trinkets in cabinets or on shelves glazed;

• Get rid of the horizontal surfaces that need to be frequently cleaned of dust;

• Get plenty of boxes and containers for small items;

• Do not hold "on the surface" once all the children's toys: some of them have to hide on the top shelf, and when their child is already time to forget partially, to change the "exposure";

• bathroom put a few containers of dirty laundry: for white, black and colored - and explain all the home where it should be put (once daily to teach a child to change her panties, socks and other clothing, when she became "stale" bysmell).

Principle 5: Do not rush

desire for order, appearing at an early age, is undergoing various changes and metamorphoses.Often children as they grow from Neat turn into sluts, or vice versa.It can affect a variety of psychological factors.But the point remains the same: the need to completely clean and tidy formed in humans fairly late - by the time of full maturity of the person (about 25 years).Therefore, if your child's sudden ("It is not clear where - we are neat") appear not very pleasant habit, it is not necessary to raise panic and beat all the bells.Almost certainly, if a child in a child laid the healthy rules of hygiene and cleanliness, then, as an adult, he will return to them.Just all the time.Sometimes a person needs to "grow" some difficult period: most of the mess in the room of a teenager - is a kind of materialization of real confusion that is going on in his soul.

This table tells you how to teach a child to order and discipline more effectively.


What can a child

how to help him


?collecting toys scattered

?put in a pile of books and magazines

?attributed to the bathroom on their own wet panties

?unload the washing machine (clothes lay in a basin)

?jacket hanging on a hook after walking

All actions to try to make together with your child, and all show many times to explain

With 2 years

?helping set the table (set plates, forks and spoons lay)

?helping in the kitchen (stir batter for pancakes, peel the potatoes in their skins, and so on. d.)

?wash for a plate and a cup

?dusting cloth special

?watering potted plants

?stand for a pot

must be equipped for the child's personal space.The room (or corner of it) must be arranged in such a way that every thing had its own place within the reach of the child

With 4 years

?lay in a child's toy as it seems like a nice (not to disturb him and not impose his will)

?wash basin in his tiny little things: a handkerchief, socks, panties

?vacuuming and extends with a mop floor

The child wakes up feeling fine: in this age it is especially important to the look of the surrounding area.Watch out for his apartment.

With 7 years

?have permanent household duties (such as monitoring plants, dust in my room, wash sink in the bathroom)

?keep track of their appearance (take clean clothes to send to the laundry dirty)

?able to cook simple dishes (scrambled eggs, salad)

Do not scold the child, if he had done something wrong.Give him more independence.Maintaining the order should be seen as hard work.

With 12 years

?maintain order in the common areas (bathroom, toilet, hallway, living room)

?clean your room yourself

as convenient as possible to arrange the interior and buy good technique.

little trick.

Rid child from boring obligations to clean up the apartment alone, it is better to do it all together: a vacuum cleaner, another washes the floor, dusting the third, and so on. D. It turns faster and more fun.By the way, adults is also useful to adopt this good tradition and not dump all the household chores for the hostess.

to try their hand in the ability to live together with others and not to disturb them, the child is very useful in the age of 10-12 years to go to the children's camp.Most children return from there and matured more accurate.

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