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Breast and bottle feeding children

move to artificial feeding in the event that the mother of one reason or another do not have or do not have enough breast milk.Lactation can be increased in various ways, for example, varied eating, taking vitamins, developing breasts, often putting the baby to her breast.This nursing women should sleep well and get enough rest during the day.Nothing can replace the baby breast milk with him, he gets all the necessary nutrients, a child formed immunity.

If breastfeeding does not increase as you might, there is a question about the baby supplemental foods donor milk or infant formula.

There is another kind of feeding, in addition to breast and bottle feeding children.This type is called mixed feeding, which suggests the presence of a child's daily diet at least 1/3 of breast milk.The rest of the child's diet - is artificial mixtures which are now a great many.Pick up an artificial mixture for the child is not your own, it should make a qualified specialist with the health and condition of the child.

mixes in their composition as close to breast milk.They are divided into types based on the age of the child.In addition to dry-adapted formulas are commercially available fermented milk mixture, which are more suitable for feeding weak, premature babies, as it is easier absorbed by the body, forming flakes easily digestible in the stomach.Fermented mixtures contain in its composition bifidum-bacteria, Lactobacillus acidophilus and other beneficial bacteria that promote the secretion of gastric juices, improves absorption of nutrients.Many pediatricians advise to buy dairy mixture, rather than the usual.

If your doctor has prescribed for you feeding your baby a certain mixture, it is not necessary without substantial reason to change this mixture on the other.The digestive system of the baby is still weak, it will be a long time to adapt to the changing food.

If a baby breastfeeding is transferred to the artificial, the number of feedings per day is usually reduce to 6, as a mixture of cow's milk take longer to digest, respectively, hunger comes later.

during compounding follow the recommendations specified on the packaging, do not put the powder more than it should, it can disrupt the digestive system of the child: may start vomiting, diarrhea, vomiting, allergic reactions occur.

To prepare the mixture, use only boiled water or baby drinking water, which is sold in stores.Cook the mixture immediately before feeding, measuring out dry weight scoop.If a mixture with a margin suggest several feedings, it is stored only in the refrigerator.To warm up the mixture, the bottle should be lowered into the hot water.To check whether the mixture is warm, apply a few drops of the mixture on the wrist.

If bottle-fed baby is not gaining weight, you should consult with your pediatrician, who will appoint another mixture.

not forget that children who are mixed and artificial feeding need additional fluids.The kid should drink about 50-100ml water daily.with artificial feeding should be required to take the baby in her arms, that during feeding remained solid contact between mother and baby, so the baby will calm.After feeding, the baby should be placed in a vertical position ("column"), your child srygnul air.

At different times of the day the baby can consume different amounts of the mixture, it is not necessary to finish feeding him by force if he refuses to eat normal.

to feeding took place without problems, special attention should be given to the opening on the nipple, it should not be too small, so the baby will be difficult to suck and he quickly tired.If the hole in the nipple is too large, then the child will choke mixture.The duration of feeding with time set - 15-20 minutes.

After feeding bottles and teats should be thoroughly washed with soap and rinse with boiling water.Bottles and nipples for newborns boiled for 5 minutes after each use.

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