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How to safely wean the child from the pacifier?

«sucking» the child's instinct appears almost immediately after birth and is constantly accompanied by baby during the first years of life.Most often, the desire to have a pacifier in the mouth due to the instinct of suckling his mother's breast.Attachment to the nipple due, oddly enough, childhood memories.After all, this process involves the most pleasant moments in early childhood.The child eats, rests, and is very close to his mother.Most babies fall asleep during feeding when they are satisfied.Child 3-4 months starts to poke various objects in his mouth, because he is trying to explore their small world.Another great need anything alive or suck evident in the months when they start to grow its first teeth.All the necessary steps are gradually becoming a habit.And when there really time to wean the baby from her nipples and pacifiers - there is not humorous challenges.

aggravates the situation compassionate parents.If the baby is crying or bad sleep - the nipple usually calms baby.Fires Associat

ion, securing the first months of life - the child thinks it is the mother's breast.So close to the food, my mother's care and love.The child feels protected.And this reaction is very much like inexperienced parents.They do not realize that more will only get worse.The child every day will be more difficult to give up the pacifier.However, it is not only in the psychology and habits.Excessive absorption of food through the small hole can lead to an ear infection or an upset stomach.Just through the nipple easier to catch the virus because of the pollution.

Perhaps the nipple is often criticized more than she deserves.The baby and the mother need a bottle, for example, long-distance trip.Furthermore, in the absence of a child can suck the teat finger, which is dangerous.Many children do just that.However, a child's finger is still very soft and constant pressure from sucking fingers can hurt him.However, despite some positive aspects, it is not necessary to abuse the nipple.

What techniques can be used to wean the child from the pacifier?To begin to understand that simply pulling out the mouth with a pacifier, not solve the problem.The child begins to act up, and after a time to weep bitterly.How can parents safely withstand the heart cry for help of his beloved child?To begin to try to divert the child's attention any other activity while it is without nipples.At least for a short period of time.Play with him, sing a song, talk, arrange a fun idea.Do this regularly, gradually increasing the residence time of a child without nipples.The child must be formed stereotype that no nipples can also be good, and even fun!Of course, this requires patience and a certain persistence.But the result is worth it.

been proved that prolonged use of a bottle with a nipple slows the development of a child's speech.So try to stimulate the baby, so he learned to speak.The longer syllable he will repeat, the less willing to take back a pacifier in her mouth.At this time, the child learns new ways of the world are trained.A learning and thirst for knowledge is also a strong instinct that diverts attention.Of course, playing with the children, using a pacifier - is not recommended.But in any case it can be useful.

If your child is very difficult to give up the pacifier may be applied workaround.Start with the fact that constantly and systematically remove the pacifier from his mouth during sleep.When a child (and adult) wakes up, he needed some time to sort out.Or, as they say, finally wake up.He was awake much harder to imagine what he needs.And bottles, little by little, the children begin to forget.Do not hold the period of weaning pacifier around child.Let it be not visible to the kid did not think about it.If necessary, explain the younger the child, that he had a "big".A "Bolshunov" do not need pacifiers.Another option (he, incidentally, worked in our family) - Make sure the child that lost the nipple.But the allegation the child is not up to snuff!Look for missing, along with the baby and of course - was not found.Now he will know exactly what nipples really not - and will learn to do without this subject.By the way, during the search for the child and you get great pleasure from the game.During this time, you can turn your attention to other activities, and the baby for a long time will forget about the nipple.Painless weaning the child from her nipples and pacifiers are indulgent.But at the same time act with determination and tenacity.

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