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How to understand, parents work and the children enjoy life

Kids difficult to feel what the parents - it's a fact.Children and adolescence egotism is enormous.It is only when children become parents, they can feel the full responsibility.They can estimate how much they "invested" effort and money, time and skills of their parents.But is it to blame the children, or they still can understand that they are enjoying life to the full, while their parents are working?

nobody's fault

First, children learn to walk, then - to understand life in all its manifestations.And all this time close - they, the parents.In the early years of mom and dad - it's practically the entire universe.And the child a hundred percent dependent on it.Comfort and hygiene, development and communication, even in the first year of life - all this is necessary to demand from parents.

Children grow up, and parents still want to see them, "Ever," the children they raised for many years, are accustomed to.But in children appears the vision of the world, some corners that are inaccessible to th

e ubiquitous attention of parents, and especially - their own desires (running counter to the parental instructions "how to live correctly").So, conflicts, clashes and quarrels are inevitable.

And the worst thing in this difficult "teen" time - that the mind child is fully grown and fully self-sufficient, but the freedom of the material he has not yet.Therefore, everything that he only wants it again requires the universe - his parents, who took him to feed, provide and take care of up to eighteen.

And now, apparently, the final frontier.The child received matriculation, crossed some line ... but no!Wait until we act.Staged a "receipt" (again, at the insistence of the parents - the internal department) - learning.And by all means "we."How long ago was "we eat" or "we pokakat» ...

So, five years of training, and the child is already quite an adult ... But wait!He went to work - and finally do not "we went."In the wilds of the jungle office your "baby" is forced to cope alone.Here are just a salary pumped - such payment does not sedesh least to a safe place.Mom, Dad, help!Or at least do not interfere.Here you have 50 USDfor my food, and utility - so you do not light for a turn off, that's hot for!

A weekend goes to the girl child, or goes with friends, promatyvaya its already small salary.Mom (sometimes already retired) a sigh, and highlights daughter missing amount "on cosmetics" or "on the tights."It turns out that he could not understand why parents (even the retirement age) still work, and the children are enjoying life at their expense ...

Thus, the salary grew, the profession is acquired and confirmed.For parents and time to rest on our laurels ... But the kids get married and get married, and even more so from the bride (even if the groom is able to pay all the wedding expenses) parents are taken to "help."Well, not their own poor girl alone on a mediocre salary to drag a financial burden!

Then the children, then flat, then the machine is not enough ... Parents do not just give everything - they give the latter, if only their children were in abundance, and did not need.Even if the need for an imaginary, so-called "virtual» ...

At some point, sooner rather than later, you need to be able to tell pretty «Stop, that's enough» .Make it neat and logical, explaining that the family is now different budgets - too.Of course, come with a bouquet and a cake on the birthday of his beloved daughter or son, not congratulating something more serious - it's cruel.However, if the financial capacity of pumped up, and so it is possible.But in any case, must come the very moment when the children can understand that parents not only work, but also need to enjoy life.What parents may have their own plans and their savings, in no way connected with the plans of the children ...

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